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I had a last minute interview today and everything was going well, untill the last question. "Would I be be confident enought to handle 49 residents by myself". and my dumb response was; I am... Read More

  1. by   andreasmom02
    Quote from FaithGurl93
    Better for you to had been honest then than to say "i can handle it" and be making mistakes and get fired for it.
    I agree. Your honesty was probably best. Plus, if she was that rude, it might not be the best facility to work at. Have you applied other places? I know the economy isn't great, and it's "slim pickings" with most jobs, but don't beat yourself up over it.

    Sometimes not taking some jobs can be a blessing. I almost took a clinic job for a private doctor office a few weeks ago. I had a great interview, & the doctor wanted to meet me a few days later after the interview. Just before going in to meet with the doctor on a Monday, I texted a friend LPN the Saturday before, & asked her if she knew anything about that office. Her first response was "RUN!!!!!" Turns out she had worked there recently for just 4 weeks when she was between jobs. She said it was TERRIBLE. The doctor yelled constantly, worked his nurses to death, and the office was a great place to catch every illness coming & going. I of couse turned the position down. The nurse supervisor who interviewed me for the job wasn't too happy that I didn't take it. But last I heard they still couldn't find the doctor a nurse... lol
  2. by   Vespertinas
    You went with your gut and when you land your real job, you'll see that your mind was steering you toward what was meant for you.

    When I started interviewing as a new grad, I had no idea what specialty I wanted. I'm excellent at interviews but when I interviewed on an orthopedic surgery floor, I just couldn't keep myself from yawning nonstop. Anyway, I didn't recognize it at the time but I think it was for the best (for me).

    I wish I thought twice when one manager asked me, "How do you think you'll deal with co-workers who are unsupportive and possibly undermining?" RED FLAG!! An honest answer may have saved me some trouble.
  3. by   ElizaW
    That answer might have cost you the job, but don't beat yourself up about it. Do you WANT to handle 49 patients by yourself? I don't. I think that's a ridiculous patient load even if there are no diabetics and very few meds. Personally, if someone is dying on my unit, I want to have the time to sit with him and hold his hand. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on, I want to be able to offer it. If someone falls I want to be able to assess them, get them up off the floor, see that they are safe, get them transported to the hospital if warranted, fill out the incident report AND take care of everyone else on the unit. With 49 patients, I just don't see that happening.

    I think you did yourself a favor by answerring honestly. Now you don't have to work in an abusive environment providing insufficient care to the people under your charge. Breathe a sigh of relief, do a little dance, and send out some more resumes.

    PS - If she calls to offer you the job - run away.
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  4. by   shakurjr1
    If she calls back, tell her no cuz not only were u thinkin about safety of the resident but safety of ur license. U fought a tough battle getting them and u need to fight to keep them. No amount of money in a little time is work ur license to make money for a lifetime
  5. by   JeanettePNP
    I think when we go into a job interview, we are so much into the "get this job" mode that we don't realize that there are two sides to the equation. They're sizing you up to see if you're a right fit for them, but you're also sizing them up to see if the job is right for you. So, if you don't get this job, it's not because "you blew it." You made the appropriate response and saved yourself from getting into an impossible situation. I have interviewed for jobs I wanted and didn't get, but I have also interviewed for jobs that made me walk out and realize that I really did NOT want the job.
  6. by   ianursestudent15
    Quote from FaithGurl93
    Better for you to had been honest then than to say "i can handle it" and be making mistakes and get fired for it.
    I agree FaithGurl93!!That's an honest answer
  7. by   uRNmyway
    I'm going to agree with other posters. As a new grad, I think that patient load is way too heavy. Heck, I think it is kind of heavy even for someone who has some experience.
    First, if you really honestly feel that 49 patients is too much for you, then why are you upset at 'blowing it'? Clearly if she asked the question it is because that is what your work load would be!
    Second, if she really treated you as rudely as you say, I personally would be thinking about how I dodged a bullet from avoiding such negative people on top of the risk to your livelihood if you make mistakes due to unsafe patient loads.

    Just my two cents.
  8. by   rumwynnieRN
    Sweet Jesus, 49 patients?

    I'll just echo what others have said, and be happy. In the event it was just one of those weird questions just to see your limit, seriously though, 49? That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  9. by   neverbethesame
    Send a thank you regardless if you opt to clarify your response to her question.
  10. by   rn2b 2012
    49 Patients=sweatshop, cant dispute that...Nursing profession appears to be going downhill...not only are they understaffing, but they cutting benefits because everybody and their mother are becoming nurses and the field is just saturated with nurses. its still considered one of the few remaining liveable jobs for people in the US, but i dont know for how long....the only people making out are the bloodsucking nursing schools who charge upwards of 60k for a bsn these days....one word sums up this race-INSANE
  11. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from Bigmaine33
    Honestly how bad was my answer. I don't want to make that mistake twice. I never worked in LTC so 49 seemed above average to me
    *** I would suggest a more qualified answer. Something like: "Maybe not initialy, but with a good orientation and time to learn the faciliety and residents I am very confident I would be able to handel it."
    My questions is why would WANT a job where you were the only nurse for 49 people? Sounds like a sweat shop to me.
  12. by   Bigmaine33
    Thanks for the input, but it pretty much boils down to this. I'm a nurse with no job working in bk part time, I just lost my apartment and I'm living out of my car. I'm in desperate need and I didn't know that was the ratio. I have no family to turn to. So when opportunity presents itself and you don't make the best of it, how are you suppose to feel? I made so many sacrifices and put so much time into becoming a nurse because it is my passion. When you put so much time into something and want so bad, then suffer the loses ihave it's a devastating feeling.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    I think you gave the right answer. I'm sorry for your predicament but doing the right thing can be costly at times.

    Keep looking for jobs. Don't take one out of desperation. You'll end up regretting it.