How was your day?

  1. 2 Been working urgent care for a while; some days are busier than others. Today was a 10 outta 10 on the busy scale. In a 10-hr shift, we saw close to 50 pts. Included several lacerations w/both suture and dermabond repair, 1 anaphylaxis, 2 pts that needed IVs, about 6 or so injections (lost count) - lotsa TDaP and a coupla IM antibiotics, 2 urinary caths, several broken bones, a coupla orthoglass splints, 1 person to the ER, many x-rays, OMG...the list goes on!

    1 doc and 2 nurses. I'm tired but it was a good day. I'm home now and unwinding.

    How was your day?
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    Glad you had a good day... The last urgent care I worked in there was one doctor, one NP, and three nurses. We saw an average of 100 pts. a day in a ten hour shift! I worked there three shifts & quit after the third! That place was a busy nightmare! lol Wasn't for me... Kudos to the nurses who can handle 100 pts. in a ten hour shift though. I couldn't.. lol
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    It was a package of Oreos for dinner type of week.
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    God bless you guys. That sounds like conveyor belt nursing !. How do you ever manage ?.
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    Quote from ClearBlueOctoberSky
    It was a package of Oreos for dinner type of week.
    Can I come over? I'll bring nutter butters for dessert.
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    Sure, but unfortunately to the dismay of my family, they are already gone. Glad It's my weekend.
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    I busted out the Oreos lastnight in preparation for the week to come
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    Yeah for being for proactive!
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    up for all nurses! stay tough guys!

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