How has being (becoming) a lpn changed your life? How has being (becoming) a lpn changed your life? - pg.3 | allnurses

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How has being (becoming) a lpn changed your life? - page 3

A little backstory. I am a single mom of three angels. We live in government housing I'm working as a cna until I take nclex. We are always one paycheck from being homeless and wi th out. I went back... Read More

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    Hello all, just a little update. I have passed the nclex PN!!! Now looking for work. I'm enrolled in a rn program at my college (pre reqs first ugh) so I'll probably only work wknds. Been liscenced since May and still no job. It'll get better. But there can't be a rainbow without a rainstorm right. Or so I tell myself. I love the responses and I m taking the advice. Thanks u guys. By the way, I'm in Richmond VA

    Finally a nurse...All for my three♡♡♡
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    Congratulations!!! You will find the perfect job, just keep looking!
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    Congrats to you! I'm relocating from NY to Richmond next week. My becoming a nurse gave me a career as opposed to a job.
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    Omg! Very inspirational story! Congratulations on passing!
    I only have one kid..I work and studying for nclex. I feel like a single mom BC I pay for majority of the bills and my son.
    Thank you for sharing your story..congrats again
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    I love the responses. And although I don't see my situation as "inspirational", when I think about it, it is. I guess I'm just telling the story of thousands of moms all over America. So it doesn't seem too unique, but every situation, and every struggle is different, I love you guys. You, are my inspiration.

    Finally a nurse...All for my three♡♡♡