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LPNlisaD has 1 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics.

Just an average gal, and mommy to three beautiful children!

LPNlisaD's Latest Activity

  1. LPNlisaD

    It's official, I'm a nurse!

  2. LPNlisaD

    How has being (becoming) a lpn changed your life?

    Congratulations!!! You will find the perfect job, just keep looking!
  3. LPNlisaD

    New job!

    Thanks everyone!!
  4. LPNlisaD

    New job!

    Finally after submitting about 25 resumes for a job, I landed a job in a gastroenterology office! So excited and a little nervous, happy that someone gave me a job after being home with my baby for the last 3 years...feeling blessed!
  5. LPNlisaD

    CEU requirements for nurses and NPs

    Is anyone aware of how many hours are required?
  6. LPNlisaD

    CEU requirements for nurses and NPs

  7. Northern Virginia Community College has a bridge program.
  8. LPNlisaD

    CEU requirements for nurses and NPs

    Do you know if this applies to LPN's also?
  9. LPNlisaD

    Prince William County Detention Center

    I'm not sure what the job is like, but my brother is a detention officer and he did say that most nurses work the night shift. I do know that it is a tough job, you have to put up with a lot of mouth from the inmates. Hope this helps a little bit.
  10. LPNlisaD

    LPN wage question

    I started out at $16.50 in a LTC facility
  11. LPNlisaD

    Stay at home mom LPN...

    i was also in the same position as you. i have a 9, 7 and 8 month old. i graduated from lpn school in july of 2009, but didn't get a job until 3 weeks ago. i'm only working prn right now so i can keep my skills up. it's not a facility that i would have picked for a full-time job, but i am learning a lot. they do their own blood draws and start iv's, which is something that was not taught to me in lpn school. i agree with what everyone else is saying, your kids are only little once and you can't take that back. try working prn, so you can keep your skills up. hope this helps!
  12. LPNlisaD

    No Experience New Grad LPN

    I also had the same issue, I have no experience as an LPN, but had 7 years experience as a CNA. I finally landed a job in LTC. It's going ok, but not really what I had in mind. Keep looking, something will come up.
  13. LPNlisaD

    New Nurse Completely Surprised!!!

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I am glad to see that there are nurses out there who still wear their gloves.
  14. LPNlisaD

    New Nurse Completely Surprised!!!

    Let me clarify, I have been in the room with these nurses while they are actively wiping a resident's hiney, and another today who informed me that she knows she should put on gloves while taking blood, but she doesn't because they get in the way. It seems to be common practice at this facility (especially with older nurses). I still think that wearing gloves is to protect me, but to also protect my patients. Am I crazy for thinking this??? My co-workers look at me like I'm crazy when they see me putting on gloves!
  15. LPNlisaD

    New Nurse Completely Surprised!!!

    Hello All, New to allnurses, and just wanted to get some opinions. I am a new nurse (LPN), started my first week at a long term care facility. I have observed many nurses not wearing gloves while doing patient care. The nurses and aides were not wearing gloves when taking residents to the bathroom, and when drawing blood, and fingersticks. Just wondering if this was the norm where any of you work??

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