How hard it is to get a LVN job in CA??

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    I passed my NCLEX=PN and got my LVN license. I thought everything is over, finally now i have LVN title beside my name and I am so happy. But , I guessed I am wrong..Now I can't find a single job that is hiring LVN in CA. All they want is at least one year experience. How do we get experience when nobody wants to give us any?? Whats the use of having this license and not able to get a job since they want RN?
    Something wrong here!! why do we waste years of schooling and clinical's, then endless hours of reviewing for NCLEX then NO JOBS for us in the end of it?? I dont know if i regret having a license in CA?? Where are all the nursing jobs like they promise?? Can someone shed a light on this issue??
    Thanks a lot and god bless!!

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    Congrats on passing the board. The job market is very bad across the USA for everyone not just nurses. Just keep on applying everywhere, do some volunteer work at the Red Cross while your looking for work, you won't get to do anything other than answer phones check people in and man the canteen but it looks good on the resume and who knows you might just get a job there.

    Apply to EVERYTHING, it won't hurt to zip a resume via email, I'd also try to make appointments with department heads and HR at facilities you want to work at. Contact all the places you did your clinicals at, go in and talk with them to find out what you need to work there.

    As a last resort, if you are in a fluid situation you might look very rural or out of state rural where they are still hiring, you don't have to live there forever but getting a year or 2 under your belt might be worth the relocation.

    Good luck
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    I don't know where in CA you're located, but I agree with Dogwmn...You need to expand your job seeking area to outside of the cities. I was a new graduate, moved to a rural area and there are tons of LVN jobs where I live. It's not just here, but rural areas are needing nurses badly across the country, it's the cities that can pick and choose, where the LVN prospects are not as great because the cities are flooded with new LVN and RN graduates.

    Also, beef up that resume, you did clinicals, right? That's experience! Don't sell yourself short. Get letters of recommendation from your instructors, that always helps.

    Good luck and don't get discouraged. Jobs are out there.
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    Keep looking. And take a job in your former line of work if you have to in order to keep the wolf from the door. Experienced nurses as well as other new grads are in your shoes.
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    Read through this thread:

    It has some great insight about the job frustrations from CA.
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    Hi, read your recommendation for new lvn looking for a job. I am currently looking for a job in the LA area, but I am willing to look in the rural area, please suggest some rural areas where I can apply. thanks
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    If you live in LA, then just look at some of the smaller communities and towns outside of that city. It might sound funny, but take out a road map and look at towns out from where you currently live or look in an area you've always wanted to move to.

    I always wanted to live in where the big redwoods are in California, so I moved north and just did some exploring online, getting some names of facilities and then just went to their website to see if they were hiring.

    It takes some researching and lots of time online on websites, but it can be done.

    Good luck!
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    Hi, I'm also in the same situation, new grad and getting the same replies-I don't have enough experience. Are there any other certifications I could get to help my chances? I've gotten the IV therapy & blood withdrawal, and Stroke certifications. Does anyone have any other suggestions that could help? thanks for the help!
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    Don't just look for places advertising. I have applied for all the jobs in the paper and online and rarely got them. But what works for me every time I have needed a job is to get out the yellow pages. I have literally cold called over 200 companies in a day (before I became an LVN) and had a job in a day or two. Try calling every medical facility in the phone book and ask if they are hiring. Home health is a way to get experience and they always hire new grads. Don't give up and think outside the box when job hunting. Best of luck to you
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    I totally understand where you are coming from. Im on the same boat. I know it doesnt help or fix anything when people say that but you have to take something away from what people are saying. The job market is bad, period. Yes it sucks that we suffered through school and now we are still suffering but you have to get creative or you are just going to be broke and ****** off. Here my suggestion:

    First look into temping. Its not steady money but its better than none and will give you something to work with. There are places that will take new grad. with the market the way it is you cant say "I wont work in blah blah blah" Consider home care or correction. Call Solvere (Spelling) its a temping agency that takes new grads and places them with the department of mental health. There might be a small waiting list but get your name on it. Contact home care agencies or look into private home care jobs. there are lots on craigslist.

    Second, look at other industries. I know you went to school and you want to work as an LVN but if your money situation is that bad do what you need to do. Be a waiter or do something clerical. Apply at any job you do. You can worry about experience when you get on your feet in a few months. I applied at the damn cheesecake factory! lol

    Third, Stay motivated. Dont let the stress of your situation hold you back. I know its frustrating and it sucks to get up everyday and look for a job but you gotta do it. I was always told If you dont have a job, your new full time job is looking for one. LOL So put in the hours and it will happen.

    I wish you the best of luck.Youre doing the right things just hang in there. Nothing good in life is easy I will keep you posted if I hear of any opening or temp agencies.

    Where are you located? socal,norcal?
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