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Got My Dream Job!

  1. 11 I got hired for the job I wanted in a clinic. Many nurses act like it isn't real nursing, but I am so happy to get this job. No more 12 hour shifts in LTC or a hospital, which were both frightfully understaffed. I hate the pay cut, but being happy means more to me at this stage in my life.
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    CONGRATS!!!!!! I know that it is the best feeling ever to get your dream job!!!
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    I love hearing these stories!! Money is not everything & can not buy you happiness. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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    Happy for you! Good Luck on your new position. Sounds like a great and much needed change for you.
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    Good for you. When you're happy, it will show in your work. The money will come or you can always pick up a shift or two in a LTC or a hospital to make extra cash.
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    Congrats, Are you an LPN?
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    Congrats!!! I cant wait to have that feeling!
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    Yes, since 1996.
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    Nice! Hope it turns out to be everything you want.
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    Awesome, all that matters is that you are happy with your choice. Congrats