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  1. rena86

    School Nursing

    I am wondering what the job description for a school nurse consists of. An opening just came available in our small school district. I have worked in LTC and a medical clinic.
  2. rena86

    Are there any LPN's not going for RN?

    I have no reason to become an RN. I love my job, so I am staying put. It bothered me for years hearing how I should become an RN, but I am so over that! It is my life and the ones telling me I should be an RN have no clue about nursing....it was all about the money. They weren't considering the cost of going back to school, gas mileage (an hr away from home), etc...
  3. rena86

    Got My Dream Job!

    I did love my residents and cna's at LTC. The 2-10 shift was like a family. I just can't take the emotional and physical demands anymore. My youngest child just left for college, so this seems like the perfect time to get the job I really want. The hospital was almost an hour away and 12 hour shifts.
  4. rena86

    Got My Dream Job!

    Yes, since 1996.
  5. rena86

    Got My Dream Job!

    I got hired for the job I wanted in a clinic. Many nurses act like it isn't real nursing, but I am so happy to get this job. No more 12 hour shifts in LTC or a hospital, which were both frightfully understaffed. I hate the pay cut, but being happy means more to me at this stage in my life.
  6. rena86

    Nursing Drug Manual

    I am wondering which new drug manual is the most comprehensive, yet easy to use. I have read mixed reviews on the Nursing 2013 Drug Handbook. One complaint was that many of the old stand-bys are not in the manual; that the focus was on the newest drugs. Any input from nurses who have worked at least a few years and have tried different drug handbooks would be appreciated.
  7. I am so happy that I received a call back for a second round interview! I will go in tomorrow with an open mind and let any annoyances just roll off my back.
  8. rena86

    Non-nursing job with LVN education

    The ADON at the LTC facility I used to work at was an LPN. She had been an LPN for over twenty years before getting the position.
  9. No. The receptionist did not tell me they were running late. I had no problem waiting with the patients. I just was not expecting to wait for over thirty minutes. I would not object to a refresher course, but it isn't required in my state. I can see why you think I am being over sensitive, but I really want this job. And, you are right, I am sure the NP was being taken away from her busy schedule.
  10. rena86

    Free CEU'S

    I have been an unemployed lpn for ten years. Are there any free online CEU's available to get me up to speed on the changes that have taken place in Missouri during this time? Thanks!
  11. rena86

    5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "Just keep walking. Surely, these humans have seen overworked, stressed out nurses before!"
  12. I interviewed for a clinic job today. I was seated with an LPN, NP, and the Hiring Manager. The NP didn't seem like she even wanted to be in the room, and gave me a couple of forced smiles. I haven't worked in ten years due to taking care of my daughter with health problems. Why am I being treated like I am less of a nurse? I have had a busy ten years! I haven't been sitting home watching soap operas! I arrived ten minutes early for the interview, but had to wait in the waiting room with patients for at least thirty minutes. Doesn't professionalism go both ways?