Got a job working as a LPN Triage!

  1. 2 I'm so excited! I will start working for a Children Medical Center as a phone triage nurse. They are giving me one day a week so I can go to school for my RN. I'll start my training Monday. I will work full time until November. Is a hour commute from my house but is worth it!!!! ANybody else does triage?
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    I'm a new grad LPN - not working triage but that is awesome that you have a facility so willing to work with you for school and already get your foot in the door to start networking. Congratulations and best of luck to you in your new journey!
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    That sounds great!!!! Congrats!
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    They were looking for a full time nurse and I emailed them telling them that I was interested but was going to attend school and could only work weekends. I thought they wouldn't be interested but they emailed me back 5 hours later and told me that would be fine and gave me an interview the next day and hired me on the spot...I been smiling since then..
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    You definitely have a reason to be! Awesome!
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    Congrats!!! In my state only RN's can telephone triage, so YAY that you found something that works great with your school schedule =)
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    You are very lucky! I wish you the best!!!!
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    CONGRATS! That's awesome!
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    I do phone triage and advice... For now its great although I do miss hands on care. I will say it definitely broadened my nursing knowledge, all the things you "just know" by looking at a patient you now have to ask without seeing them...kinda like detective work It takes time but is a great experience!

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