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I know there are a few threads like this. They are mainly directed to RNs. While that day will come I'm preparing to be a LPN. Besides the pay dif difference is pretty big between the two. so with that being said, what did you/... Read More

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    Oh ok when you take your nclex tell me how it goes bc I really need help knowing what to study I hope we can keep in touch since we live in the same area its really hard to find friendly nurses here

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    I know. I work at Manorcare as a CNA and I experience it everyday
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    Quote from futurenurseOB
    I know. I work at Manorcare as a CNA and I experience it everyday
    Inbox me
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    I want to pay my girlfriend back for lunch and gas money it was a rough yr thanks to her I made it !!!
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    My first purchase on me was a nursing ring I loved it. The biggest purchase I bought after getting my first "real" nursing job, was my car.
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    I bought my dog Calli a pink matching collar and incredibly lame, but was I ever proud of that ridiculously expensive leash.
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    I bought pizza for the family and the biggest bag of dog food for my mastiff!
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    I love how no one is being over the top by saying, " trip to France or dinner with the queen." Lol. These are tangible things that normal everyday folks wish to indulge in. Pay off the car or treat the family to new shoes. Lol small stuff
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    After struggling in school for 2 years, its nice to treat ourselves
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    My first LPN paycheck went to my realtor...I was signing a contract to buy my first property.

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