First job as an lpn !! Helppp!!!

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    okay yall. so the "hard" part is over. i passed my boards! Now does anyone out there have any advice on how to search for a new job? And once i do find that job, can anyone give me an insight on how a typical nursing interview goes?? Also, when jobs drug test, is it just the usual urine sample like everywhere else? and it inappropriate to send your resume to places that are not advertising a position? Thanks for the help! Im anxious to get out there and start working.

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    Every interview I've ever had has required me to answer patient care scenarios. Ie blood sugars are x what would you do? What is your priority if y happens. They want proof that you know what to do.
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    Well as far as drug screens go each place is different. Some to a cheek swab and some test for tobacco. So if you are taking anything RX wise that you do not have an RX for you need to stop ASAP,
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    Test for TOBAccO? FOR REAL?
    Why in God's green earth do they test for that?
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    They test for tobacco?? Thats odd. How nerve racking, answering pt scenarios on the spot! Im leaning more towards the longterm care kind of work. I can already tell this will be a challenge :/
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    Aww, they all have some small version of nsg pop quiz that I remember from place to place, ( though a few didn't), nothing that anyone out of school would sweat over. BUT if you've been one place for numerous yrs, and in one type of nsg, it can throw you for a loop for a minute. USUALLY just a multi qx type quiz, maybe a math question or two. NOTHING to ever worry over.
    BUT NOW I AM STILL AMAZED THAT ANYONE WOULD DO A TOBACCO test. Maybe that was just a goof. LOL
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    yes, i suppose your right. if i can get through school, and boards i should do fine with a little ol' interview (fingers crossed ) and i too find that hard to believe that they would waste money on testing for tobacco, esp. since that cant be a determining factor of whether or not someone will get the job. do you think its inappropriate to send your resume to places that arent advertising?
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    OF COURSE, send to anyone and everyone. You never know what nursing needs might be, or how HR handles filling them.
    Sometimes the larger companies get walk-ins looking for job and they are interviewed on spot if need came in. Also I worked for a company that never placed an ad and depended on resumes being sent in or walkin's.
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    Quote from conroenurse
    Test for TOBAccO? FOR REAL?
    Why in God's green earth do they test for that?
    Many healthcare systems no longer hire smokers.

    In addition, the some of the workplaces that still do hire smokers will charge them higher health insurance premiums.
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    But they advertise jobs that way, ask, but not TEST. and yes ins. is higher I'ver heard. ODD though, not higher for people who drink etoh, weigh o ver 20 lbs more than should, geesh, can think of numerous things that SHOULD drive ins. bills up just as high, but smokers are the big sinners for the moment I guess. (no don't smoke)
    Next week it will be people who use cell phones. LOL
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