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I swear I am so tired of nurses that can't think for themselves and don't think for themselves. I am the weekend house supervisor for my LTC facility. This means I am in charge of pretty much everything. I love my job don't get... Read More

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    You should see the level of incompetence I run into when I fly into these rural ER/ICU's The term is Inter Facility Transfer but in actuality its a Inter Facility Rescue. The issue that I've found is multi- factorial, the celebration of ignorance and lack of work ethic is endemic. We're told by our management to not say anything or offend and just package the patient for transport and lift off. Talk about touchy, I tried to show a rural RN some things I had noticed on assessment and apparently I offended her to the point that she complained on me. I give up, I going to leave direct patient care and explore other options before I really come unglued and tell it like it is.

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    Wow. Working in an isolated ER, I always make sure my information for report is complete, but like to actively participate in the transport assessment--mainly because in the helicopter is NOT the place to make critical discoveries. It is just not good practice. And I always learn something new--after all you all are at a higher level of care hence why the patient is being medically transported.
    Sounds like the nurse in question had an axe to grind, or a confidence issue so she took your words defensively.
    That's why we call you--higher level of care--for the good of the patient I would hope that you would go through my assessment completely. I have an ER and lots of backup. You have a very confined space and one other person. Doesn't make nice if something goes sour that could have been discovered to begin with, but the nurse was too defensive to let you do your job.

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