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  1. Hi im new to the forum and registered here after an inability to find a answer to my concerns.
    A brief background, im 34,male and spent 6 years in insurance and a brief stint as a cross country big rig driver. I need a career that pays decent and one that i can be proud of doing. I have heard of long wait times sometimes even years getting into an rn program and if i were to go into lpn ill be getting experience, some income, and a easier hassle free entrance to an rn program. But my concern is after losing my job i was forced into bankruptcy. Will this be looked at or even considered when i apply to a lpn program? The school im looking at also wants a high school transcript which is not the prettiest but i graduated back in 1997. So anyone have experience with acceptance requirements to a lpn program. Btw, if it helps i currently live in oklahoma but could be relocating to connecticut so im looking at both states.
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  3. by   jadelpn
    I am not sure that they do a credit check. But you could ask. I have not heard of that, however.

    High school transcript aside, usually most programs will have you take something called a "Teas" test. It is a general education exam. You have to pass each subject by a certain level of points to pass it. Sometimes, I have heard it is the overall score. But again, I would ask.

    I would look at bridge programs available in your area. If there is not an option, I would weigh the pros and cons of just doing your ADN and then working on your ADN to BSN. BUT, see about waiting lists--because many schools have them.

    If you are moving to CT, I would also see about an LPN program there, then I do believe that they still have hospital diploma RN programs (LPN-RN) in CT. Once you get your RN, then you can bridge to BSN. I would research that option.

    Best of luck in your endevours!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    There are LPN programs in Oklahoma that do not even look at previous transcripts.

    You say you want a career that "pays decently." The LPN pay in Oklahoma is somewhat low ($13 to $18 hourly), but the cost of living there is low. The LPN pay in Connecticut is higher, but jobs are hard to find there and the cost of living there is sky high.

    BTW, checking a prospective student's credit history is not common practice, although some employers might check your credit reports prior to making a job offer.
  5. by   LoriRNCM
    My high school transcripts are PATHETIC! But I'm old, so of course they are from 1982. I was very concerned about that, as I was only concerned about where the next party was, even during school hours, when I was in high school. I got more serious in my senior year and got As and Bs but of course, the damage was done. But fortunately, the admissions team looks at overall things, like how well you have done in your pre reqs, your TEAS scores, your volunteer service, etc. They don't check your credit report (to my knowledge) , just your criminal background.
  6. by   aTOMicTom
    My LPN program through the State (TCAT Hartsville) did not even WANT to se any college transcripts, and only needed a HS diploma, not my HS transcript! They base it entirely on COMPASS scores!

    There was no credit check either. They did however do the "beenverified" thing, I guess they do have standards at some level - no mass murderers allowed!

    Good luck!
  7. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Nursing schools dont do credit checks therefore, your credit will not affect your chances of going to school. Majority of schools dont worry to much about your hs graded, I think they just want a hs transcript/diploma for proof that you have one or GED.
  8. by   pookyp
    My school just wanted your high school diploma. And no credit checks!