Best places for LPN's to make a good salary and able to buy country property - page 2

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Hi all.....Anyone know where LPN's can find jobs with average wages and still be able to find country homes with acreage without having to pay a kazillion bucks for it? Someplace where salary and cost of living are compatible... Read More

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    I ve worked in connecticut ltc for 23 years started with $7.50 a hour now up to $26.00 an hour!!! Others places in area are pretty close to this amount except the hospitals of course cost of living is high such as buying a house between about $225.00 to $400.00
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    I agree with LVNRRT. Prices for land in Texas are very reasonable if you don't mind a bit of commute to work. Texas is a HUGE state so we got used to long drives there...LOL!

    Now we live in Washington state, but before we left, my hubby was considering a big chunk of land southwest of Fort Worth... just for the remoteness/quiet. Its much prettier down towards Hill Country however, more trees, hills, greenery.

    My sister just moved to Houston which is VERY expensive in the city limits. If one doesn't mind a looong commute, very pretty property is available north several hours, for quite reasonable prices.

    I could see myself living out there and doing agency work out of Houston.