being tested at a home care agency interview?

  1. I am going on an interview for private duty nursing throug a home care agency tomorrow morning and the woman said she is going to have me take a few tests and to brush up on my math skills. I haven't had any kind of testing in a while and I'm afraid I'll mess up..what should I study?? I have never heard of testing at an interview. Thanks!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Basics that you can probably answer off the top of your head. Digoxin, lasix, the insulins, that type of stuff. Not very difficult for the most part. My friend was worried over one of these tests and was told if she had not passed it, all they would have done was give it to her again after she went over it. No big thing. But I would look some stuff up so as to save myself some embarrassment.
  4. by   tlc2u
    I am interested in applying as an LPN to a home care agency as well and was told I would have to do a skills test and a pharmacology test.

    Does anyone know what the skills test might be like? Physical demonstration of skills or multiple choice questions about skills? Which Skills?

    Thanks for any replies!!!
  5. by   Elektra6
    I had to pass a one day seminar (paid) on ventilator/trach skills before they would let me handle any of these patients.
  6. by   raekaylvn
    I've worked for two HH agencies, and both of them gave me tests. Very basic. Simple. Easy. The job I have now is the first LVN job I've had in a year and a half, and I passed the test easily. You should be fine
  7. by   nursel56
    Well, late to the party but. . . we had to take 2 tests each about 5 pages long (1 for adults, 1 for peds) and 1 about universal precautions, etc.

    They were all multiple choice. Then, if you got lower than 80%, they had you re-do the ones you got wrong. I remember they had a flow sheet of skills and return demonstration for competency, but they didn't have people do that. Maybe because the DON was too busy.

    Had a 2 hour vent class conducted by a salesman for a disposable vent circuit company. It was highly inadequate, but I was able to learn on my own anyway.
  8. by   lblvn77
    do you know which Home health agency are currently hiring without experience, thanks i really need a job.
  9. by   caliotter3
    Make a list of all the local agencies and begin to visit them, one by one, or call to inquire. But expect the brushoff if you call. Easier to obtain an interview and your objective if you go in person. Be sure to take all your employment papers with you and dress to interview. Good luck.