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I have had other people tell me that going to school to become an lpn would be a waste of time because they are being phased out by CNAs. Is this true?... Read More

  1. by   GM2RN
    Quote from TexMex22
    Well, where I live techs do many of the things LPNs used to do including patient care. LPNs do somethings RN's used to do --- really everything except critical care, surgery, tele, L&D. There are barely enough RN's to be charge nurses. I agree additional education is the way to go; however some folks are working because they REALLY have to work. Education doesn't seem to be an option (I'm not saying I agree -- just saying that's what I've heard them say). So I personally think we are years away from LPN's being gone. RN's doing ALL the long-term care & assisted living -- that'll be the day. When hell freezes over.

    Did you read my post? You should note that I AGREED with you about LTC and assisted living.

    I'd be interested to know what specific tasks that techs do that used to belong to LPNs, and what tasks that LPNs now do that only the RN could do.