Accepted my first job...I'm scared!!

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    Hi Guys,

    Well, my job search has been fruitful. I wanted to work in acute care, but the only hospital hiring new grad LVN's is 1.5 hours away from my house. I ended up accepting a position at a local SNF. It is a clean, prfessionally run facility and the acuity level is fairly low. The fear comes in as I think about being able to handle 30 patients. I will have several weeks of training. Any words of advice and/or encouragement would be appreciated. I figured that I might as well work close to my home and be initiated into LTC since that setting is the main option for LVN's in my area.

    Anxiety is ruling my life right about now! I start in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks, T

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    I'm about to start job hunting myself and i'm scard to death. It's hard for an LPN to find a job in my area so that means traveling. I wish you the best. The most important thing is that you want to get up and go to work every morning. I keep telling myself that has to come before money. Let us know how your first day goes.
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    Sorry, but what does SNF stand for? I've racked my brain and none of the things I'm coming up with could possibly be right! :chuckle
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    SNF = Skilled Nursing Facility.

    Good luck!
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    Ohhhhh, so what exactly is a skilled nursing facility (a hospital???) Geesh, I'm soo clueless lol!
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    Skilled nursing facility = long term care = convelascent home.
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    :chuckle LTC centers. Best of luck to you. I have worked in many LTC centers. It's a challenge! After you work LTC's you can go on TV's "Fear Factor" because if you can work LTC's then fear is not a factor for you. :hatparty:
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    My facility is both an ICF and a SNF. In a skilled nursing facility we care for patients who come from the hospital, with any from hip replacements, fx's, pneumonia, MRSA, etc. They often come with PICC Lines, IV's, Wound Vacs, Oxygen needs, healing from surgery, on and on. I'm a IV Therapy Certified, LPN and I also care for 28-33 residents. Some are ICF, some are SNF. Without SNF, the patient would have to go home, that can be difficult for the patient and the family. Medical Insurance is the reason we now need SNFs.

    I love my job, due to the fact I have learned so much here. Plus, I keep on learning. Yes, I was scared at first, but I received a 3 week orientation on all shifts, even though I work night shift. It has been a positive experience for me. I hope it will be that way for you. The elderly need a caring nurse, someone who enjoys their work. I bet you will do fine.
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    I say...Hats Off to anyone that does LTC (nursing home) takes special nurses to work in that area. I worked in that area for a little while, but it's just not for me, so God bless everyone that works in that field!!
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    [color=#f4a460]how's the job?

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