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I am signed up for the 30 hour IV certification class for LPN'S. Has anyone taken this class or knows someone who did? I would like to hear your opinion on the class. They have sent me a study guide and a pretest to study before... Read More

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    This class is going to be in Jacksonville on December 3 and 4. If you want to sign up please do it right away because there is some home study and a pre-test that is required before the actual class..
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    Whats the name of the class? Mayb I just missed it
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    This thread is a year old.......try here

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    Why is the course 30 hours? I've seen 6-8 hr classes that run in one day certification.
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    Some of the jobs in Florida require that an LPN have the 30 hour IV certification class. So if I show up with my 6-8 hour IV certificate I don't get the job period. I have no idea who decided that it has to be a 30 hour IV certification class.
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    Ah! Sorry for the confusion- I'm still stumped with Canadian/USA nursing qualifications I just was curious because I'm going to be registered this weekend, and the course is from 8am - 2pm. I wish you the best of luck with the course
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    Thanks. This is an old thread and I passed my 30 hour IV class with no problems. I hope that your 6 hour IV certification class will be acceptable when you are job hunting. I hope no one says to you "We only hire nurses who have completed the 30 hour IV certification class"
    I guess all of the states perhaps have different requirements as to how many IV hours they require. Best of luck with your IV class.
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    Here it is more of a "oh you're certified" than hours. I want to continue on with it. Was the IV class difficult? I have no experience with IVs.
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    No it was not difficult. They sent us a study guide in the mail prior to the class and so I studied that for many hours before the class and that really helped.
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    Quote from AngelicDarkness
    Here it is more of a "oh you're certified" than hours. I want to continue on with it. Was the IV class difficult? I have no experience with IVs.
    AHS requires every nurse to take their own inhouse education. I think it was three hours in the morning and the rest of the day is spent with a CNE spiking patients. It's the same for LPNs and RNs. Get the magic three witnessed starts and you're set loose on your unit.

    As far as I know, the certification has to be repeated if you change hospitals, sort of like a skills set. So, if you worked at Foothils in Calgary and moved north to the UofA hospital in Edmonton, you'd have to get three witnessed starts to be allowed to start on your new unit.
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