$23/ hr OK?

  1. SO I just got offered a job at SNF paying $23 per hour, is that a good starting pay ? BTW I just had my LVN license last Oct 2017 and only been working since Dec 2017 at AL ( so that's 2 months) for the same pay rate. I just thought SNF pays better lol . Im thinking of resigning from my job from AL and just work FT at the SNF. any suggestions??

    Thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    It certainly beats $12 or $14 an hour, but rest assured, you will earn every penny. Good luck.
  4. by   ms04drip
    Hah! My first job as an LPN was $6.95! That was 1988. You now make what I do now,doesn't really seem fair, but good for you! Lotta places ask you about your experience I say 30 years they say oh we acknowledge five years . Great. .
  5. by   osis
    I believe salary also depends on the location, I live in L.A. so I guess pay is higher since cost of living here is much higher compared to other places.

    Anyway, I tried working on the SNF that I just got in but its not for me lol. Too much stress and too much thing to do. So I decided to stay in my current job. The pay is the same so why not. lol