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    Does anybody know how to get an application for a Louisiana R.N. license by endorsement. Their website is not user friendly and I'm having a tough time finding the application. Thanks

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    Unable to locate license by endorsement form on website.


    5207 ESSEN LANE, SUITE 6
    PHONE: 225-763-3570
    FACSIMILE: 225-763-3580
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    Does anyone know how long it takes on average to get a license by endorsement in Louisiana? I would have filled out the temporary permit but it requires an address and I won't have an address until I work in LA as an RN.
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    LA BON took 64 Days for my endorsement. I handed in all of the required material in the first day!!! I also had all of my transcripts in within 7 days. The BON told me they do not look at the application for 30 days, then they check if it is complete. So even if you are prompt it takes about 60 days at best.
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    I submitted everything on May 4, 2008 to the LA BON. I have called several times to find out what is taking so long. Finally on July 1, 2008 I found out they had not even started on my file because they claimed the packet was missing a letter from my current employer with dates of employment and title. When I asked, why I was not sent a letter or called about this one missing paper. Mrs King replied, "It says in the packet we sent you everything we needed to process you license. It's up to you to get it to us! We don't do anything to we get all your papers. Then it takes ten days more before we go through them. Then it takes another 30 days for everything to be processed." The answer to the shortage of RNs in Lousiana might be correlated to the experience of dealing with the LA BON endorsement division.
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    well I called up the Nuring Board and they were able to tell me I was approved and my new license number (6/26/08) Now waiting to receive my paperwork in the mail. I guess it takes a minimum of 30 days for the whole thing to go through. Thanks for your help everyone!
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    I have been trying to receive my Endorsement through Louisiana and having a hell of a time, back water south!! After reading all this info, I am about to throw in the towel and move somewhere else.
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    The LPN board is just as bad! It took almost 2 months for them to complete my paperwork. I had to wait tables until it was finally approved.
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    Well Hospice nurse. I am going to throw in the towel...No New Orleans for me screw em...I am off to Boise in a week....Don't know if that's a fun place, but I'll find out very soon
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    Quote from Hospice Nurse LPN
    The LPN board is just as bad! It took almost 2 months for them to complete my paperwork. I had to wait tables until it was finally approved.
    Are you serious? That is freaking crazy, I'm planning to endorse my license from California for LPN in Louisiana when I finish my program out here in Nov, then move to BR in Dec. It already takes 3+ months out here for me to get my license out here, after I finish my program. Then I gotta wait an extra 2 months in BR to get endorsed, that sucks. So I probably won't get my license until April or May, I gotta find a way to support myself from Dec to May, jeez!

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