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  1. JamGirl2425

    Trying to figure it out...

    Has anyone tried working in another healthcare related field while attending any of the BSN programs in Louisiana. I am curious because the school that I would like to attend only offers day classes, and I am a single mom so I am wondering what shift I should pick out of 2-10/3-11 and 10-6/11-7?
  2. JamGirl2425

    Southern University Baton Rouge

    Hi, I'm a current LPN student (Grad date: 11/5/10) in California moving back to BR in December 2010 and I was planning on applying to SUBR for Spring 2011 semester. My question is this, I 've been hearing that to get into their BSN program is very compeititive. would be transferring there with some pre-reqs already completed except both chemistries, pre-calc, A&P 1, and logic. I wouldn't be applying to the program until FALL 2010. Does it make sense to attend SU or to go to BRCCs ADN program and then transfer to SU to complete my BSN. Any advice on the issue would be greatly appreciated.
  3. JamGirl2425

    January 2010 starts

    In my class we started out with 35 now we're down to 20. And this was just the first term.
  4. JamGirl2425

    How much does WIA pay toward your degree???

    Who ever your counselor is, they were telling the truth. Cause before I moved back to Cali, I was going to do the LPN program at Delta College, and my counselor told me they were going to pay that same amount for my program. I wished I would of stayed there because out here in Cali I'm paying $29,500 for my program , and the WIA out here is bone dry, so I couldn't apply. Compared to what I would of payed in BR-$20,600. I try not to think about it everyday, otherwise I'll cry. I miss BR, can't wait to come back. :heartbeat
  5. JamGirl2425

    What Is The Total Cost Of Your LVN/LPN Program?

    I wish I could have gone to a CC or Tech program, it's soooo much more reasonable than my private program. But I just couldn't afford to wait on a waiting list, and then the length of the program, I would have been in California way longer then I would like to be now. LOL
  6. Hi blkqueen8, I'm glad to hear the truth about school from you, some teachers are there to teach and some are there for a paycheck. I have one teacher for A&P, he doesn't help us study for tests at all, he tells us to read the whole chapter cause we'll never know whats on the test. But right before the test, he'll do a review of the test questions so of course everyone passes, but then he'll say "oh I'm not impressed with anyone's score because I did a review before the test.":eek: He only does the review so that we'll pass the test, and he'll look like a good teacher in front of the D.O.N. He is strictly there for a paycheck. Also we have lost so many people from our first term already, for various reasons. But we will lose some more when the end of term comes, because we need a 75% in each class and overall, and you have to pass the HESI exit exam. I not worried about class as much because I've got high percentages , but I am worried about the HESI exit exam, cause I'm not really sure how to study for it.
  7. JamGirl2425

    What Is The Total Cost Of Your LVN/LPN Program?

    [color=#ffa500]1* what's the overall cost of your program? $29,450 2* if u qualify for financial aid than what's the remaining amount that u have to pay overall? $870 out of my pocket, i got a lot of loans and grants. 3* what school r-u-goin' to? summit career college 4* where's your school located? colton ca, they have a campus in victorville too.
  8. Hi JamNurse, I passed the entrance exam and am now part of the part-time LVN program term 1. We have our first practice for clinicals tomorrow, the saturday after Christmas. I'm looking forward to learning more and I'm not concerned with the social drama of the school. I'm there to learn. BlkQueen8, How is school going, are you liking the instructors and the campus?
  9. Just in case anyone get's a what the **** feeling from another post i made(I put that I grad in Feb 2010, because I wanted a quicker response), but I don't actually grad until Nov. 5, 2010. Anywayz, thank you TheCommuter for responding, I don't want to be initially licensed here in California cause my life is basically in Louisiana. I don't ever see myself living in California permanently ever again. But back to my question-So I can take the test in Louisiana , would I need to contact their State board to set it up?
  10. How long after you graduate does it take you to take the NCLEX-PN in California? My reason for needing to know is stated below. Here's my story, I moved back to California to live with my parents:uhoh3: from Louisiana in 2008 because I was struggling with trying to take care of my daughter (no education, no great job). I'm an LPN student in Southern California, and my end date is Feb 8, 2010:yeah:. I want to move back to Louisiana as soon as possible after graduation. Would it be better to take the PN exam here in California and then move to Louisiana? or Move and take the exam in Louisiana? Note: If I take the exam in Cali, I have to wait to test and for my license, before I can apply for Endorsement in Louisiana(which takes 3-4 weeks). Any help on this matter would be greatly apprciated!
  11. BlkQueen8, Sorry it took me so long to respond, school has been keeping me super busy. It's been great academic wise (be prepared to study everynight and take a test every M,T,W, socially it's kind of like high school all over again. I personally haven't had any problems, but other classmates have. But the instructors don't let the drama run the class room. They quickly get back to the lecture. Are schedule is M-W 0830 TO 1530 (I'm practicing military time which you will learn as part of the curriculm) and TH & F 0800 to 1700 practicing for clinicals all day. I'll try to tell you more later, my mom is calling me to come get my daughter.
  12. hey all, orientation was cool, saw alot of faces (there's 106 of us), met all the instructors for each term and our clinical director and assistant. read about the rules, regulation and dress code. people were alreadytripping about not being able to wear bracelets, it's like get it through your head, your in the medical profession now.:icon_roll they also informed us that clinicals could be as far away as 50 miles from the school, i'm kind of bothered by that but not enough to make me not want to go to school. we're sent to clinicals in groups of 15 and your group stays the same all the way to the end. got fitted for our uniforms and ordered them, they're royal blue colored with the school patch for theory and for clinicals they are all white. we get our clinical supplies when we get our uniforms, also we get a second set of books that day (big ones). i didin't know the books were gonna be so big and heavy, they make my ma books look like children's coloring books. i was very glad i brought my brother's rolling backpack that everest college gave him when he tokk pharmacy tech. i wish summit would have given us backpacks but what can you do. we had to stand in this very long line for 30 minutes to take id pictures, then turn in our physical worksheets and immunizations. after that we were free to go. i'm so excited for class monday. i'm not sure what book to crack open first. i'll give a report on the first day, when i get back from school. ttyl!
  13. yea i go to summit career college, which campus are you enrolling at, i'm at the colton campus. i would have done part time for the slower pace, but the time frame doesn't coincide with my plans to have my bsn by 2014. i should have been finished college, i'm 24 y/o, but that's what happens when you procrastinate and have two kids. so now i'm trying to stay on track. i don't disagree with summit giving the hesi test, but they should have given it before they made students do financial aid, meet with the director of nursing and pay the $75 registration fee. a lot of students felt like they were tricked into thinking they were fully admitted to the program, because they've already taken the cpat and they didn't tell us until after we did all that, that we still had to take another test. i just studied my but off (i bought that admissions exam book that hesi created, at barnes and noble-$40) and prayed to god that he would let me pass. my advice on the test, is to watch you grammar-if people didn't pay attention to what the question was asking them and how the sentences were written, they would have thought their answer was correct when it wasn't. i took my precious time with that section. good luck to you on passing the test, but you probably don't need it because you sound very confident.
  14. christine2009, thanks for the congrats! to everyone, i passed the hesi ya'll!:yeah:my adm. rep said i scored 100% on the reading vocabulary and the grammar section, good on the a&p, and okay on the math. i'm guessing they had more then 106 students at the first 2 days of orientation. so the test was their way of phasing out the weakest students. anyways, i'm so excited, were off today, but orientation for the students who passed is tomorrow. we'll be learning about the school and the nursing program, where are classes are located, getting class schedules, books, fitted for our uniforms and getting our id badges. i'll let ya'll know how it goes tomorrow.

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