Our Lady of the Lake Hospital

  1. I am a new grad trying to get a job at this hospital and I can't seem to get anywhere with them despite having my application there since Jan. 18th. I have called and visited HR at a job fair to see if that might help but nothing. Right now they have about 55 jobs posted in various departments. Starting to get discouraged. Could anyone shed some light on their hiring practices because I'm about to give up on them.
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  3. by   Isabelle49
    Have you tried Baton Rouge General? Pretty good place to work. I would rather be there than at OLOL.
  4. by   CajunNurseMan
    If there's a unit that you want to work on, call the nurse manager of that unit and schedule an appointment to talk to them about the unit. It's a chance to find out what that unit is about, but it also gives you a shot to showcase yourself. Bring your resume and make sure that your application is up to date. Yeah, it's a little bit sneaky to bypass HR, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The manager may grease the wheels if they are interested. That's how I got in, anyway.
  5. by   eabroussardrn
    What is wrong with OLOL. Just curious?
  6. by   shushu
    I was a patient at OLOL for an eye procedure in the OR. Once all the nurses found out that I was a travel nurse............they all wanted info on companies. Man, they dont get lunch breaks, earn low salaries (low 20's), and the way the administration treats the nurses is depolorable! Their nurse turnover rate is crazy!
    That's what they told me anyway........before I was sedated...lol.
  7. by   ctmed
    Have you looked at Promise yet? If you can stand LTAC, it pays a bit better than OLOL or BRG. They have three locations. The main one is on Mancuso Drive near OLOL. The other two are up on floors rented from Baton Rouge General Midcity and Oshner off of O'Niel. A lot of folks do not know about these places because they do not really advertise and are so well hidden.

    Avoid Regency LTAC. It was run by an out of state management company called Cypress that had a reputation amongst agency for pretty bad treatment of staff. I have heard since that they may have lost the contract after bad press at two area nursing homes they also ran, but still...

    Oh yes, you do know that all the Oschners in the state of LA have laid off most CNAs. They are using a team nursing model that has an LPN on the floor doing the CNA work with an RN behind the desk. FYI. High turnover and low morale some facilities.
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  8. by   aei631
    Regency LTACH was bought out by Select Specialty...pay is good but it would not be my first choice.