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  1. eabroussardrn

    Critical Care RN relocating to NC

    You might want to try Wake Med Medical Center as well as the other two facilities.
  2. Hello to all my online classmates. I am done with Ohio U. Ihave completed every course requirement. All I need now is my piece of paper. I made a 28.5 on my quizz. The "STUDY GUIDE" helped me alot. I would like to than each and everyone who helped me through this Degree. It was an honor to serve with each and everyone of you. To those of yall who still have classes to take. Good Luck and have a a wonderful day. I'm going drink some alcohol now. See Yall later.
  3. I think there wil be a lot of low grades in the course.
  4. I will study the guide. I am just worried about this discussion board. It's not very straight foward like someone said. The information is to scattered.
  5. Does anybody think that they will curve this course? Ha. I am at the very bottom end of the grading. I need to score a perfect score on the test and get 10 pts. on the discussion board.
  6. Anyone having problems accessing the AHRQ website today. I cannot pull up the site for some reason.
  7. I will try that. I don't think they realize how much information is really on that site. This sounds like busy work. Thank God I am done with this after this week. No more school for me.
  8. Great job. I hope to do the same. The discussion board sucks.
  9. This direction are not straightforward. They provided two sets of directions that contradict the other. They should have one set of instructions. I asked about the AHRQ discussion because all I could find is one subject that had two summaries to talk about. You cannot use a different subject. Go to the Questions and answer board. I asked that specific question. The only reply I received is sarcasm. Read the announcement and then read go read the week 5 tab directions for this and tell me that these directions are not clear.
  10. ldwrn do you know if we are to comment on both the AHRQ and the one that is evidence practice occuring at my place of work. I have emailed the TA but I have not received feedback. I just woke up and read the announcement. It said that the directions were wrong and that the second part of the directions are correct.
  11. Yes. I think it was from weeks 3 and four. It was the ones that we could take as many times as we wanted. My understanding was that this was extra credit.
  12. I am a little confused about the extra credit. I thought that extra credit was for extra points. It looks like they are adding the extra credit into the possible points total. Am I wrong. I hope so.
  13. This is my class as well. I will be done with Ohio U. I studied the study guide backwards and forwards and used the book. Is the study guide the better choice or both the book and the study guide. I did pretty good on the last test using the study guide and the book. I just don't want to over due it. Time is not on my side with work and family obligations. Thank Ed
  14. Hello to everyone. I want to know if we have a quizz this week because I do not see one posted on the board. Thanks. ONE MORE WEEK AND I AM DONE. "YOU CAN STICK A FORK IN ME". HA
  15. I go 21/30. Not what I wanted to score but it will do for now. The way the questions were worded through we off. Anyways I'll take it for now. Take care and have a good weekend.