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CajunNurseMan has 10 years experience and specializes in Peds Oncology, Nursing Informatics.

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    Our Lady of the Lake Hospital

    If there's a unit that you want to work on, call the nurse manager of that unit and schedule an appointment to talk to them about the unit. It's a chance to find out what that unit is about, but it also gives you a shot to showcase yourself. Bring your resume and make sure that your application is up to date. Yeah, it's a little bit sneaky to bypass HR, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The manager may grease the wheels if they are interested. That's how I got in, anyway.
  2. CajunNurseMan

    Premie/Infant ID Bracelets

    The hospital I work for recently implemented bar coding for medication administration, and we are having problems keeping ID bracelets on several patient types, including NICU and Nursery infants. We are looking for a solution to this problem in the form of a laser-printable ID bracelet that won't do damage to the baby's skin, that will stay securely attached to the extremity, and that maintains bar code readability. I'm asking for suggestions and examples of what products are used at your facility. Thanks in advance! J