help !!!very very lonely at delgado!!!! - page 2

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Hello everyone I am delgado student doing the pre-requisites for the LPN program. I took english last semester, I am currently taking summer classes( biology lab andlecture), thinking of taking maths 118 and medical... Read More

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    Nunez community college in chalmette has a good lpn program. The pre reqs needed are English 101,nutrition,intro to psych,algebra for college students,college algebra,intro to a & p OR a &p 1 And a& p 2. Pre reqs must be completed by May to enter program for Fall or pre reqs must be completed by August for spring enrollment.
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    I know i went there for medical assistant but had to ado phlebotomy and still dont have a job and i graduated 5 yrs ago now im attending nunez for lpn

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