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Dirty South Is Plain Old Dirt Cheap

  1. 0 I am outraged at the jobs here I cant believe the pay rates. All you here is the cost of living. Things are getting more and more expensive health insurance, gasoline etc. but pay rates are at a stand still. Paying a nurse 11/hr whats the point of going to school if you can work as a nursing assistant for 16/hr in Wisconsin I am so disappointed.
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    Just curious...what part of the south are you in?
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    Recently relocated to Slidell, Louisiana from Wisconsin for family reasons just amazed at how low the wages are for nurses people without degrees oversee the wages offered. I can commute to New Orleans but the cost will cancel out any pay increase. As far as the cost of living Milwaukee, Wisconsin was cheaper my rent for a 2br/1 ba was $500/mo in Louisiana I pay $725/mo go figure thinking about moving back soon if things dont get stirred up in my direction. Lpn with 5+ years of experience 14/hr get out and run back north because a new lpn grad in wisconsin makes 16-17/hr base. I was making $19/hr w/$2.25 shift diff the only facitilies that pay here in Louisiana are ones with at least 1000 employees or corporate owned what happened to competitive pay for all the others. I guess I will just have to visit my family 1-2 year via a flight because its not worth taking a $5-6/hr pay cut with 3% raises a year.
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    Quote from Nemhain
    Just curious...what part of the south are you in?
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    rent in N O is high but i thought that pay was up there also...i neve worked in that area but i know that in baton rouge the pay is about $5/hr more than in other areas of the state...i live in cenla and the average pay is more than $11 for nurse with experience..
    i know that there was a recent hiring for a nurse who had been out of nursing for 12 years and had recently had a refresher course and she was hired for 12 with a promise of a 'hefty' raise p probation period...i don't know if hefty means the same to nurse as it does to facility...hope she stays we need good nurses who stay..so many grasshoppers out there
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    If I was you, I would move to Houston. I just recently moved here from New Orleans and worked for a Children's Hospital. I am a RN with 5 1/2 years of experience getting paid $27.00/hr in the Medical District. If I worked in New Orleans, I would be getting $22.60 right now for 5 years.
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    Quote from jmp22
    I live in slidell 25 min from NO
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    I'm originally from NO and now live in BR. I have to say NO pays way better!! I took a cut in pay when I first moved here(a $4 cut) I just recently went from being an LPN to RN here. I know LPN's in NO who make more than I do here with 20 yrs exp in nursing and a BSN. Claire :stone
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