Charity SON Fall 2012

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    Hello Everyone!

    I know I'm early but I'm super excited to begin nursing school. I was wondering if anyone else here is planning to apply to Charity for Fall 2012? Are you done with your prereqs? Taken the HESI? What's your profile score?

    I have taken all of my prereqs but it has been 6 years since I took A&P II lecture/lab so I'm taking it now at Delgado. I'm taking the lecture online and I go on campus for the lab. We have only done one exercise in lab so far and I already feel like its not going to be very easy. I took the HESI on Monday and I did pretty well so I'm done with that thank God!

    I calculated my profile score and if I get an A in the A&P lecture I'll have 70 points. If I get a B or C, I'll have 65 points. I'm super nervous because when I talked to the admissions lady at Charity she told me the cut off tends to be a bit higher for the Fall semester than the Spring. From reading the forum, it looks like the cut off for Spring 2012 was around a 55 so I'm worried that the cut off for Fall will be like 75!

    Good luck to everyone and I hope to meet some of my future classmates!

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    Hello! I'm applying for Fall 2012 as well. I took the HESI today, and scored an 85. I was really excited about that!! So that made my profile score a 75. I'm done with all of my prereqs. I did them at SELU. I've heard too that the cut off is usually around a 55 so it gives me hope. How did you do on the Critical Thinking part? I scored an 850 which was surprising. I can't believe that we have to wait until mid-April to find out if we are accepted. It's torture! Oh, and about the A&P II, I found it to be easier than the first one. The bones are confusing, and the second class is all of the systems. Much easier!
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    Congrats on the HESI and that profile score! You shouldn't have any trouble getting in with a 75. I too was surprised by my score on the HESI. I was so afraid that it was going to be this killer test! I actually ended up with a 92.3% overall. I got an 820 on the Critical Thinking part.

    Are you planning to apply to any other schools? I am thinking about the LSU CARE program but my first choice is Charity. Good Luck! Hopefully we'll meet in Fall 2012. I don't know what I'm going to do until we find out in April... I may just take a random class to occupy my mind.

    BTW, When are you going to submit your application? I think I'm going to start gathering my transcripts in September and probably submit my application by October. I didn't want to send my application too early since the deadline is all the way in December.
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    Hi everybody,

    im taking the hesi tomorrow ! im so nervous any suggestions? i finished all my pre req's already just waiting to take the hesi tomorrow to apply ............
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    @ Ms Leana, Congrats on that score. That is awesome!! There was a girl that walked out w/ me that failed it. I felt sooo bad for her. I asked the head of admissions for suggestions on what to take while we are waiting, and she recommended Med Term and Adv Med Term, and Human Diseases. And my brother-in-law, who is in his 2nd semester of Charity said that he would have taken Med Term before as well. So, last semester, I took Med Term, and this semester, I'm taking the other 2. I have all of my transcripts from the other colleges, but I need to send copies of descriptions of some courses that I took. I'll probably bring my app packet down there next month. Can't they just tell us right then and there if we're in?!? LOL
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    Please do not divulge HESI exam content. Thank you.
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    @Ashley2000 Since you are taking the test tomorrow I would pretty much say if you don't know it by now, you probably won't know it by tomorrow. I would just make sure that I was familiar with the Biology/A&P sections of the McGraw Hill and Evolve study guides. Google "HESI A2" vocabulary and you should be able to find some quizzlets with practice questions. At this point I would just do practice tests and make sure to get some sleep tonight. And definitely eat breakfast in the A.M.

    @PHI823 Thanks! I think many people do actually fail or barely pass. The only way I can imagine that happening is if maybe you hadn't finished your science courses before taking the exam. There are so many sections on the exam that I can't imagine a person struggling with all of them. Seems like if the Biology brings your score down, then maybe you would do well on the Grammar, or Vocabulary, or Math to bring your grade back up. Especially since Charity only cares about the cummulative score. But, maybe some people struggle with all of the sections.
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    i have been studying the evole book for weeks now,Im sure ill do ok im just nervous.Thanks
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    @ Ashely, I had posted on a different thread about getting the "Anatomy for Dummies" book which I used to correlate with the Evolve book. It helped me a lot. I know it's too late for that now though. And Ms Leana is either know it already or you don't. That's what I finally told myself the night beore. I was making myself crazy. I chose to take the Math section of the test first to get that out of the way, and I left the sciences for the end. Ms Leana, I accepted your little friend request on here. Thank you for that! Hopefully, we can all keep in touch until we get our letters, etc... Ashely, let us know how you did tomorrow after your test. You're going to be just fine. They give you 5 hrs to take it, and I think I finished in 3 hrs.
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    thanks every one ! I always freak out before a big test and im so nervous about the hesi test tomorrow. Iknow i wont be able to sleep good tonight either. Hopefully i can get it together and stay calm. I have been studying for a whlie but since i freak myself out my brain Ill let yall know how it goes. Im just nervouse on being timed for each section . I think that is what freaks me out is running out of time.

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