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Hi everyone. Does anyone who had an interview before know what kind of questions will be asked from a long term acute care hospital? And also, any new grad who worked in one, how was your experience there? More info is greatly... Read More

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    Thanks for all the responses everybody. I got an interview coming up at a LTC myself and these really help. It really caught me off guard because it was a position I applied for back in February and then I got a call today for an interview. Just a few questions. Did you ever have any questions about diabetes management? And when they change/fire DON's in LTC is it customary to let go of the nursing staff that was hired by that management? I only ask because I heard from a friend that works for this same company that they changed DON's at numerous facilities and she keeps seeing a lot of new nurse orientees at work. She got hired also by a new DON a couple of months back. This could explain why I'm only getting an intervew 6 months later?

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