What does a Respiratory Therapist in KY start out making?

  1. 0 Does anyone know the answer to this?

    I always thought that RT's made decent money, but a lot of the RT's at my hospital are going on to nursing school. Do we make more money than they do?? I'm seeing other threads on this BBS that lead me to believe that they make better money than nurses, if not more.

    So why make the switch? The stress of being an RT, perhaps? The stress of being such a key, KEY player in codes?
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    I'm sorry, that should have said "they make as much money as nurses, if not more". I was a bit redundant in that first post.
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    I've known a few acute care RTs who have changed to nursing. They were all males, and they all said we as nurses do make more than them in the Louisville area.

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