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U of L or Galen College of Nursing? Please advise! Hello, I will be moving to Louisville from Cincinnati in the next month or so. I am 33 and finally have the opportunity to go to school to become an RN! I have only heard/read... Read More

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    Let me add too that, you will spend COUNTLESS hours on the computer doing busy work...please keep this in mind when thinking of Galen. It is the craziest amount of work for nothing.....ENDLESS BUSY WORK.....
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    Galen is ok, but like sunny said they care until youre registered then poof! Their credits do not transfer anywhere good, besides spaulding which is 750.00 a credit hr! Just crazy! I am about to graduate with my LPN but im going to JCC for RN. Galen is not accredited nationally. They will say theyre accredited but not by anyone who counts! Its very expensive for a college with lack of accreditation! Im in evening classes and it seems like they care more about day students! Would not recommend!

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