UK BSN fall 2014

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    Hello all!
    I applied to UK for the second-degree BSN program for Fall 2014. I just received notice that I got an interview for the end of March. I wanted to hear from other people that also got an interview or anyone that is already in the program... any idea what the interview is like?
    I'm from Georgia and they gave me the option of an online interview so that I wouldn't have to up there. What's the deal with the CNA course they want you to take before enrolling? I'm really excited about this program, looks like there are lots of research opportunities and I like the idea of having summers off!
    Can't wait to hear from other potential classmates!

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    Hey! I just got an interview invite last week too! I'm from California so ill be doing the Internet interview as well. I've been combing through this website but haven't bad any luck with finding any info on the interviews, which makes it a little nerve racking.
    To be honest, I had no idea about the CNA requirement.. Luckily I got certified in December of 2012.. Whew! Lucked out on that one.
    I just got accepted into another second degree program at Union University, but I really want to go to UK!
    What was your first major? I just graduated from San Diego State University in December with a biology degree.
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    I majored in Psychology at the University of Georgia. I talked to a girl I know that just started the traditional nursing program at UK in January and she said that they didn't have interviews, so I guess it's only for the second-degree program. I have no idea what to expect in the interview. That's great that you already got CNA certified, I'll have to take a course this summer if I get accepted.
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    The CNA course is just something you'll have to get out of the way I guess, no big deal! It will go by fast, especially since by then you will know if you will have hopefully gotten into UK!
    And awesome, I heard Georgia is beautiful. Well congrats, hope it all works out for both of us!
    I just got my interview schedule, I interview on Friday 3/28 @ 11:30am... That's 8:30am my time so hopefully ill be awake enough lol. Wen do you interview?
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    Friday at 9:00am, I'll let you know how it goes! Eek, good luck to you!
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    How did it go?!?!
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    It went really well I think! Some of the questions were tough, they asked a lot of questions that were like: describe a situation where you had to... Or where you showed such and such quality. Those were the most difficult ones for me to answer because it's not easy to think of specific situations on the spot. Also, I thought it was going to be a group interview, and it was just me and 2 faculty and at times the audio wasn't very clear so that made me nervous... But all in all I feel pretty confident about it! You'll do great! The ladies that interviewed me were really nice and made me feel comfortable.
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    How was your interview?
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    There were SO many scenario questions! I was surprised there were that many!! The whole 30 min was "explain a time when this happened.."
    Did you have two women? Vicki and Jessica I think their names were..
    The technical side was difficult to deal with.. A lot of cutting out and me asking them to repeat themselves which always gets awkward, makes you feel stupid lol but it's done!! Whew! They said they should have an answer in about 3 weeks by letter mail so I'll be checking the mail box every damn day starting in about a week lol
    I hope it all went well though, I guess you never really know until you get that letter!! hahaha
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    Hear anything back yet? lol probably not, but I though I'd ask hahahaha! Did you apply to any other schools?

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