1. I have a question. I need to know the requrements to get in nursing school in Kentucky. My daughter claims she has to have all kinds of courses before she can enter. She graduated high school 3 years ago and has been taking courses for all these years so she can get into nursing school. I think she has snowed me over. I have visited several websites and all I can see required is to have a CNA and pass the entrance exam. HELP!!!
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  3. by   gabriella86
    At a community college such as JCC you do need 3 pre-reqs before you can apply but a lot of students get all the non nursing courses out of the way before the start the program. At other schools such as UofL you need even more. It just depends on the school. But 3 years sounds a little long to complete pre-reqs if she is a full time student.
  4. by   nicolelynn26
    I attend Galen and I did not have to have my cna license. I just had to take the exam. There are pre-recs to get your lpn. Now when you go for your rn, you will have to take those classes
  5. by   RN_2012
    Your daughter isn't snowing you. There are really one to two years worth of courses that need to be taken before applying. I am getting all my prerequisites and corequisites done before starting the nursing program. I am on year two taking 3 courses a semester except summer and I already had some college courses. The program is exhausting I have been told and best to get all required courses out of the way.

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