PAX-PN entrance score for Galen

  1. The minimum required extrance exam score for the PAX-PN was 92 and I received a 126. I was wondering how my test score compared to others to get into Galen. I am applying for the April 2010 quarter & I'm trying to get everything done early so I am prepared as soon as tax season is over in the spring (my current job).

    Getting really nervous & I think I will have to wait several months to find out if I am accepted or not.
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  3. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Yeah, you will probably be waiting quite some time before you find out. My advice is also to make sure you have your high school transcript turned in already, even if you don't know your acceptance status yet.
    Are you applying for the day or evening program? I took the PAX-PN and only scored a 111 but I was applying for the evening program so I pretty much only had to pass the test to be accepted. The day program of course, is a lot more competitive and I'm not sure what kind of score you are going to need.
  4. by   ajwill824
    My transcripts should be on their way to Galen. I'm applying for the day program just b/c I don't want to be in school for 4 years to get my LPN then RN but if they don't acccept for April or the following quarter I may end up in the evening program. Gloria told me to get everything in as soon as possible b/c the day classes fill up so quickly.
  5. by   scrap32

    I am getting ready to take the test tomorrow for Galen and I am nervous as heck! I graduated high school in 1991, got my Public Health degree in 2003 and now applying for nursing school. I bought the PAX RN study guide and to be honest, none of this stuff is sticking in my head.

    I've had people tell me that it was very basic stuff and can't believe I'm studying physics, etc. They said it wasn't even on the test last year!

    Just trying to remain positive
  6. by   wishinguponastarLPN

    I may be replying to this a little late but, Physics wasn't on the test last year because last year they tookd the CPAT test, which is completely different.
    I hope you did study up on your physics and chemistry because you may know by now it was on the test! But don't worry I'm sure you did fine.

    Good Luck!
  7. by   scrap32
    I take it tomorrow morning! Well, I studied what I could. It's basically boiling down to what I know and don't know!
  8. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Try not to stress it too much, it isn't all that bad. Know your vocabulary, and your basic math and you shouldbe fine! Oh, there are some health questions on there as well, like when to wash your hands, ect.
  9. by   scrap32
    I was informed today that I passed!!
  10. by   NurseWebb
    That is awesome! Congratulations on passing the exam!! Seeing as though you past the test can you share what should be expected prior to taking the test? Were there a lot of physics questions? How hard would you say it was, and what do you reccomend one should study prior to taking this test? Your input is greatly appreciated.
  11. by   scrap32
    Thanks so much and I got my acceptance letter from them! BUT still have to pass background check (which I think they should've done BEFORE they mail out the acceptance letter) because what happens IF someone doesn't pass and they're out $200? I think they give people false hopes by doing that.

    Anyways, as far as the test went...I was sweating buckets! Looking at my test results, I did BETTER in math and science than I did in Verbal and I thought Verbal was the easiest!! LOL. I had a completely different study guide from everyone else and did fine on the test. Definitely make sure you know your formulas for both math and science. There were a lot of physics questions, not much on A&P or biology. On the math portion, there were tons of questions dealing with percentage and fractions.
  12. by   Bgriffith36
    Hello all, I am new here and really looking for advice! I am taking the Pax Pn in 2 weeks and im terrified! I graduated in 1991 and only have 2 weeks to study...i just got the study guide. any advice??
  13. by   tjwillmakeit
    Hello im new here and i took the pax-pn exam jan 7th and i feel numb im just waiting on my results and to Bgriffith36 just relax it will be ok make sure you study rest and go take the on a satisfied stomach.. and when do you want to started
  14. by   ARB86
    Just as a more recent update on this thread to anyone searching for info of the PAX PN exam at Galen.....
    I took mine this morning, so its still fresh!!!

    SO.....there were 80 Verbal, 54 Math and 80 Science questions...with 1 hour PER section. And your composite score has to be at least a 92 to pass.

    I am HORRID at math, so im sure i bombed that entirely. There were mostly decimal, fraction and percentage problems, (probably 75%) others were averages, graphs and geometry.

    The Verbal, well, had words i didnt know even existed....but nothing TOO bad, all i can say is on the reading sections, READ ate up my time and i found myself scrambling at the time call of 5 mins left!!

    And the Science, surprisingly, wasnt bad at all, i feel the best about this section. Alot of basic earth science (food chains, plant science, cell parts) and then there WAS PHYSICS to those who say there isnt !!!!!!!!
    but nothing too advanced at all!!!

    In all, i know i bombed the math, having guess at most questions, but other than that, you ARE GOLDEN if your straight outta highschool cuz it will be fresh in your head or if your a smartie that retained it.
    Now, im crossing my fingers and my toes that i passed...shewww, glad thats over!

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