Nursing in Lexington, Ky - Too many schools for too few new grad jobs

  1. I recently graduated from Eastern Kentucky University and I have really felt the harsh reality of how hard it is to find a nursing job in Lexington where I live. Unfortunately, I am not only competing with my fellow graduates from my school, but now I have to compete with University of Ky, BCTC, and Midway, just to name a few. The fact is, there are 4 hospitals in Lexington! That's a lot. However, here I am, unemployed 4 months after graduation. Is anyone else having this issue, or am I just unlucky? I have applied to too many jobs to count and have only been graced with 2 interviews (that didn't yield a job). I have another interview tomorrow, hopefully third time is a charm! Let me know your all's experiences and thoughts on this. I just want to get my career started in the thing I love doing most, caring for people.
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  3. by   Soon2BNmay
    Hi kmckenny616, I didn't graduate here but just recently relocated from Texas and got my license in August and I have been applying EVERYWHERE. I haven't received any calls or anything, but I have my ADN don't know if that is a factor. But yes I have noticed it is very competitive here. By the way how did your interview go?
  4. by   kmckenney616
    Hey Soon2BNmay. Right now it seems that all the hospitals around here are trying to get nurses who have their BSN. Some hospitals are willing to hire ADNs, but it's required that you go back to school to get that degree within, I believe, 4 years. Are you in a program by chance? Anyways, my interview went well, but I haven't heard anything back as of yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for some good luck .
  5. by   Soon2BNmay
    Hi kmckenney616, I recently had 3 interviews got hired by all three ended up having to make a tough choice since all three were something I would enjoy. It took about a month from interview to getting hired. I am currently enrolled in an out of state RN-BSN program that I will start in January, but I failed to put that in my resume so that didn't play a factor for getting the interview or job offer. Have you had any luck? Have you heard back from your interview? I am crossing my fingers for you, I know how frustrating and a little scary it can be looking and waiting for a job.
  6. by   squidbillies
    There are the hospitals in Lexington but there are also hospitals in Danville, Richmond, liberty, Stanford etc etc. expand your search area if you insist on working in a hospital. But there are also VA outpatient centers, doctors offices, plastic surgery clinics and about a billion Nursing homes.
  7. by   Mr. Mursenary
    Almost all of the hospitals in Lex need a BSN or at least a BSN-in-progress in most cases(experience helps alot though). I encourage you to look outside lex and make the drive if you want to work in a hospital. Clark Regional, St-Joe Mt. Sterling, VA might be worth a look.
  8. by   MSKY
    So kmckenny616 did you find a job? If so where at? I graduate from EKU in May 2014. I also live in Lexington. Just wondering how long it took and where you finally landed.
  9. by   RobtheORNurse
    Most hospitals are looking for BSN nurses and the market is tight in most cities due to the concentration of nursing programs and the consolidation of hospitals. If you are willing to travel, or move, there are plenty of jobs in more rural areas and with government agencies like Indian Health Services and some will pay back school loans in exchange for a time commitment. Also look for part time positions to get experience, because if it comes down to two recent grads, any experience will beat no experience. Good luck!

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