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  1. 3 We are planning to move to Kentucky near Murray in the next year. Could anyone tell me what realistically am RN would make as an hourly wage in Kentucky?

    Currently I work in critical care, tele and ACLS, nights 7p-7a. I work as a per diem nurse not needing health benefits. I also pick up straight Med/surg, ICU. I am open to almost anything.

    I have 6 years experience, Nursing is second career, I am a male, retired from the NY State Health Depart and at 53 went back to Nursing school. So all you "olders" ones out there thinking about it, it can be done, the rewards are amazing. I can't say this to loud...but... I'd do this job if they didn't pay me.(of course the money is nice, an ugly fact of life).

    Any info as to salary, job outlook, etc. would be helpful.
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    I am a new grad RN working at UK in Lexington, KY. Starting pay is $21.57 plus shift diffs (4.50 on nights, plus 3.25 on weekends). There are a good number of jobs here in Lexington, but there are also a million nursing schools here, so competition is fierce. I know of several experienced RNs from Louisville driving 1.5 hrs each day to come work in Lexington because there are no job openings in Lousiville. My per diem RN friends make about $35/ hour plus diffs.

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    hi is kentucky a nice place to live with plenty going on, and is housing expensive
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    I know this is late, but yes Kentucky is a great place to live. There's not much in Lexington to do unless you are a big basketball fan. I live in Louisville which is not a far drive but you'll find there are more activities to do here. Cost of living is not bad by any means a 2 bedroom apartment here may run you (in a good area) no more than $800/month
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    If you are moving to Murray are you planning ,by chance, to work at Murray-Calloway County Hospital?

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