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  1. britgirl

    Ratios in New Mexico Hospitals

    is this the best hospital to work in new mexico and which area is it in, i am considering moving to new mexico and have icu experience.
  2. britgirl

    British Nurses emigrating to BC

    To fiona59 not a very friendly reply,are you not happy in canada ?
  3. britgirl

    ICU nursing Australia vs The US

    yes picked up lots of possitive advice from this post:thankya:
  4. britgirl

    Nurses looking to work in Australia

    sounds like a great idea:bow:
  5. britgirl

    Hospital sponsors

    thanks ceridwyn i have icu experience, i got sent some en job vacancies from a hospital i signed up with but i dont think ill be applying (uses to be an en):thankya:
  6. britgirl

    Hospital sponsors

    many thanks i have the forms for the ahpra but i thought i would wait a while as it appears you all apply for registration before june 1st do you agree thanks
  7. britgirl

    International to Australia

    hi j8 i am working in usa at present and plan to go to australia do you think its best to go with an agency or get hospital to sponsor thanks:no:
  8. britgirl

    Hospital sponsors

    hi nurses i want to move to melbourne and wondered if anyone could suggest good hospitals to apply to or ones to avoid. i will be asking them to sponsor me as i am overseas but i have lots of experience. thanks in advance:cheers:
  9. britgirl

    Agency Nurses (Melbourne)

    thanks for the info bulletproofbarb do many hospitals sponsor do you know:thankya:
  10. britgirl

    Agency Nurses (Melbourne)

    im thinking of moving from australia from usa is it best to go with an agency or get a hospital to sponsor me thanks in advance:uhoh3:
  11. britgirl

    working in jacksonville

    good luck in your ventures miss whitney:yeah:
  12. britgirl

    Pay in Denver for experienced MSN?

    will do not sure when we will visit yet though,i need to do some homework on boulder first, any suggestions on best hospitals to work would be appreciated. thanks klone:yeah:
  13. britgirl

    Pay in Denver for experienced MSN?

    how does that compare with 30 years experience but no masters,also where is the best area to live for entertainment etc not interested in child friendly,just nature and bars etc thanks:lol2:
  14. britgirl

    Managing stress during shift

    WOW Please dont take the pill route,nothings worth that.You have lots of good advice in your replies, try them first. However it sounds like your unit is not a good place to work,try somewhere else.We all have bad days but they shouldnt be on a regular basis.If nurses and cna"s helped each other more we wouldnt have these bad days, its all about team work. We all strive to do our best but remember without the resources its an up hill BATTLE Good luck in your decision You are not alone :)
  15. britgirl

    Kentucky RN Salaries

    hi is kentucky a nice place to live with plenty going on, and is housing expensive
  16. hi everyone is rhode island a good place to live and work for an rn,i fancy boston but its really expensive what are the hospitals like ? any info appreciated:uhoh3:

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