Future Elizabethtown Community and Technical College ADN Students

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    Hey guys,

    I'm applying to ECTC's nursing school for Fall 2013. Is anyone else out there applying? Has anyone heard about how competitive its going to be this year?

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    I applied to BCTC's program in Lexington and I think it was pretty competitive, but we won't find out until the beginning of April if we got in. I'm not sure how competitive ECTCs program is this year, but regardless of if it is or not, good luck and I hope you get in!
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    Hi, jhaupert! Thanks for responding! I'm pretty excited, the anticipation has been killer. I'm applying from IL so I know very little about the KCTCS programs and what types of numbers usually get in.

    Good luck to you, as well! Do you have any idea what type of nursing you'd like to do?
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    I just got through my computer training with the job I got in a telemetry unit at one of the hospitals here, so I hope that I like telemetry. I'm interested in Emergency nursing and ortho too, so hopefully (if I get into the program), ill get to do clinicals in both of those areas too! What about you?
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    Congratulations! You'll have to let me know what you think of telemetry. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for work once I relocate (I'm finishing up an enlistment with the military and my job doesn't translate well in the civilian sector)

    I'm leaning towards the ER as well. I don't think I'll really know what I want until I've been through clinicals.

    As for getting into BCTC's program, I checked out some of your other posts earlier today while exploring AN. I can't remember what you said you scored on the NLN but I remember thinking it was definitely a great score and GPA, I'll have my fingers crossed for you.
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    Hey SJS06! I applied to ECTC for this Fall as well! I don't know how competitive it will be. There was maybe 50-60 people at the pre-admission conference I went to in January. And there was 1 more conference in February. Good luck to you! I hope you get selected! Hopefully we'll both get in and then know someone in the program already!
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    Good luck to you as well! I hope you get selected too, it would be very nice knowing someone going in! My wife has a cousin in the program right now and she loves it. Do you know when people usually get their letters? Since March 1st this is all I've been able to think about!

    Have you thought about or are you applying anywhere else? After looking at some of the other colleges in the area I might also apply to JCTC. I hate the idea of putting all of my eggs in one ECTC basket.

    Thanks again for responding and best of luck
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    Thanks! I don't have anything good about the time frame! I asked my advisor about when the letters go out in August (applied for LPN too), and she said they try to have them out out by mid month. So, I'm hoping by April 15th we all know something! I have considered it! I attended a conference for JCTC and the advisor was straight foward on the selection process. Major emphasis placed on your science grades she said, and they had about 77 "Immediate Admissions" last year. I think she said they split the Immediates and Regular applicants so they are half and half of each in both Fall and Spring. I have to finish off my Academic Plan paper though before I can apply in May. I've considered Bowling Green and Owensboro too, both being 1-2 hr drives for me. Determination to get in somewhere vs. tired zombie driving! Is your wife's cousing going through ECTC's nursing program?
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    Yes, my wife's cousin is either in her first or second semester. From the few conversations we've had it's a nice program, fast but definitely worthwhile. I can relate to your determination!! Last semester I basically repeated my entire first semester of college to get my GPA up. I was taking 18 hours and working from 3am to 11am Mon-Fri. My family only saw me for a few minutes before bed haha.

    My wife's cousin also said the program was extremely selective. I think only 22-25 are admitted each semester. I hate the anticipation!

    (Also, I apologize for any spelling of grammar errors. I'm responding on my phone)
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    That's what I've been reading! That's it's hard to get in period. When I attended the conference for LPN, that's when I discovered that this school can be just as selective about their LPN admission as they are with their RN admission! 30 students one time a year! I was definately surprised to learn that!

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