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Brown Mackie?

  1. 0 Any one here a grad of brown mackie LPN program or know anything about them?? Do their credits transfer so you can get your RN later on?
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    I did not attend that school, but I do know that two of my former instructors now work there and they are wonderful med surg teachers. I learned everything one could learn about MedSurg, from one of them.

    If you want more info, PM me.
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    I would PM you but i dont know how yet lol i just made my acct & just now figuring out how to work everything. Do you know like anything about BM in lou if their credits transfer?
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    I went to the BM on Fern Valley rd for an interview and did not get a good feeling from them. I know a girl who graduated their MA program and she was not able to transfer anything.
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    Yea i have a ex teacher that works there now & she says its a really good school. But that was all i was worried about were the credits. thx
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    LPN credits do not transfer to RN programs.
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    So your telling me i can go get my LPN & get my RN anywhere i want afterwards?
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    That's my understanding. You can sit for your LPN boards if you go to a community college's ADN program after the first year I think. It would cost less this way and your credits from the ADN program will transfer to a BSN program later on if you choose. If I had to do it over again I would have gone the community college route, I'd have saved thousands of dollars.