Best Hospital in Lexington??

  1. Okay fellow nurses: I'm an RN with 1 year experience originally from the central KY area, looking to move back soon.
    Which hospital in Lexington is the best? All inclusive- pay, benefits, atmosphere, morale, you get the picture.

    I called the 3 biggies today- UK, St. Joe and Central Baptist, and got a better idea of the pay, but I am still unsure of the working conditions and other benefits. Salary isn't everything, it helps, but if you hate where you work, it doesn't matter.

    Any info would be much appreciated. I would LOVE to hear from some of you that currently work or have worked at one of these hospitals.

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  3. by   Lacie
    I worked UK and at St. Joseph's. Years ago but I was a staff nurse and also the Telemetry step down clinical manager. I loved working at St. Joe's compared to the others. Central Baptist was always good. I didnt like working at UK at all. Got too tired of dealing with all the residents and med students. I dont know if St. Joe's still has thier "occasion" policy for absents so find out. I had a child with health issues and he was hospitalized several times of which they dont care why your out even if an emergency it still counts as an occasion. 3 was a verbal, 4 written, 5th you were terminated. No excuses.
  4. by   DA314
    I work for UK as a Tech and LOVE it. I'm in school, so I'm always asking the RN's if they like to work for UK, and most of them say yes. The Residents are usually pretty nice, and I love most of the people I work with. I will say that the ICU areas are the best places to work, the comraderie and friendly atmosphere help the work day go by quickly. hope this helps!