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    Hi all! I am planning on attending Bellarmine's accelerated BSN program if I am accepted once I apply i apply for the spring 2013 cohort. I am already nervous. Does anyone know the acceptance rate for the program? Do a lot of applicants get turned down? Any insight would be awesome. Thanks!
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    I just graduated from Bellarmine. Bellarmine accepts everyone who applies as long as they meet the admission criteria. They then weed people out in the program. Our class started with a little over 100 and we ended up with about 60-ish graduating. Contact their nursing program recruiter, Julie Armstrong-Binnix. You can find her contact info on the website. She's awesome and can answer all your questions about the program. She's a great source of info. Good luck!
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    Thanks so much for replying!! I am starting to take my pre-reqs in the fall and am quite excited. Any words of advice? Is it as hard as everyone says? I won't be working which I know is a good thing. Did anyone in your class work during the program and graduate?
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    It's intense. The program is split into six 8-week sessions. The first four sessions run from the second week in May to the middle of December; in that 6-month span, the longest break you get is 4 days at Thanksgiving. It's absolutely grueling, especially towards the end of that stretch. If you can make it to Christmas break, though, you'll be fine - I don't think we lost anyone after that point, or if we did, it was only a couple.

    The program is definitely hard - our 40% dropout/failure rate speaks to that. Many people failed out, but some chose to leave because the program was too intense. A couple dropped into the traditional 4-year program or the 2-year "slow" accelerated program.

    I think not working is a good idea. There were definitely people who worked a few shifts a month as techs/CAs/etc., but not many. They had also already been in those jobs for awhile so they weren't taking on a new job in addition to school. If you've never worked as a tech or CA, I would recommend it. I did not and I wish I had. There are so many little things you pick up just working in the hospital environment that I had to learn in clinicals (and am still learning during my orientation now!).

    I will say this - if you are planning to stay in the Louisville area, having a BSN from Bellarmine will make you very marketable. I had 3 interviews by early March of this year and a job offer by the end of March in the specialty that I wanted. Many people had jobs before graduation or within a month of graduating. Being an accel grad alone is enough to get you an interview at several of the hospitals here.

    Good luck! Feel free to send me a PM if you want, too.
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    I am applying for the 2013 class as well! nice to see a future classmate on here
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    I wonder how many people apply. I am going to an info session on 9/27. I am so excited )
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    Also--I am seeing all of this negative feedback on this website about funding for tuition. Any feedback on how you did it?
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    Has anyone herd anything back yet? I am getting anxious!
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    i found out today i was accepted! Did anyone else hear back?
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    Congratualations pdxjenn! I was also planning on applying to the Bellarime program. I didn't see application deadline dates on their page though. Do you know when the deadline is/was for the 2013 class.
    Ashbaker - did you end up going to the information session? Any good info to share?