Bellarmine 2018

  1. Hi, everyone!

    I've been accepted to Bellarmine ABSN for May 2018. Has anyone else here applied?
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  3. by   nursingschoolhope1
    Hi Lhalty, congrats on being accepted! I've been conditionally accepted for 2018 while I finish my pre-reqs. I'm a little concerned about the previous threads that mentioned the high dropout/fail rate. I'm also applying to other schools so I have more options (possibly cheaper schools) to choose from. If I go to Bellarmine I'll be moving from the West Coast.
  4. by   Lhalty
    I am in Ohio and I was worried about the high drop out rate too. I am applying for other schools in the area just In case. If I don't get accepted in any other programs At least I have a guaranteed spot in Bellarmine. I am still waiting on Xavier University and MSJ in Ohio.
  5. by   bryannadoss
    I attended the informational meeting held last Thursday- Julie said that the dropout rate for the one year is 80-85% but that is because people try to hold a job & they aren't dedicated to the program (partying stage still). She also said there's an option to drop down to the two year program if the first semester doesn't go well. (Which is a nice comfort blanket). I'm thinking positive! We can do this! I'm waiting for my NursingCAS app to go through- they are so SLOW. Maybe we could all swap Facebook info so we can keep in touch! I'm planning on starting in May as well Add me on FB - Bryanna Doss (Michigan).

    Good luck to you both.
  6. by   Lhalty
    Did I apply for any other programs. 85% is very high rate and I highly doubt that 85% is due to petting or working. Something that's sound right about this.
  7. by   Ekba224
    Hey guys! I went to bellarmines accelerated program and let me tell you it's HARD. The 85% drop out rate is completely true. Please try and apply to other places. This place should be your back up plan. If you all have any questions do not hesitate to email me at I will answer any and all questions including financial questions as well. Good luck on getting into nursing school!
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  8. by   Lhalty
    Thanks for the heads up. Did u do the one or the two years option? Did u graduate?
  9. by   Ekba224
    I did the one year program. I decided to transfer because Bellarmine was not for me. It maybe different for you all though. The first session isn't too bad. Youll be taking health assessment, foundations of nursing, and a culture class. The culture class is an EASY A. It all depends on who your instructors are though. That plays a big part. Make sure you have your finances in check before the program starts. You don't need anymore distractions. They also give you homework before classss start. START DOING IT ASAP. Take notes on the required novel readings too. It's a doable program. I know a few people that graduated from there but their gpa was not the greatest. The dropout rate is definitely true though. My friends were not partying or not focused...they dedicated themselves to the program and still failed. 5 of the 7 people I became really close with at the beginning are not there anymore. I would definitely reconsider... This school should be your last choice.
  10. by   Lhalty
    Thank you for your inputs, it means a lot
  11. by   rtvfy751
    Hey! I just got my acceptance letter for may 2018. I'm hoping to get some feedback on how other people are feeling about this. I'd be moving from the west coast where schools are really competitive. A lot of the schools out here about in the same price range for their accelerated programs anyways. I am looking at this as an option because it would be a fast track to nursing without having to wait a few years to get into a program out here. I am scared ******** though of the reviews of the program on here. How are other applicants feeling?
  12. by   jaxconn37
    Hi everyone, I'm considering applying to Bellarmine but really worried about the reviews for the program. I'd be moving from the East coast so I want to make sure it would be the right fit for me.
  13. by   Urvipatel
    Hey everyone! I also just got conditionally accepted, I just need to complete one more course.
  14. by   Taylorj18
    Hey guys, just wanted to offer another perspective. I'm currently doing the accel BSN and will graduate in May. I just accepted an ICU position this week. I love the program, it is tough at times, but it is also doable. I don't study a ton and I'm not a super genius, and I still have a very good gpa. There are people who do this program and work, and there are people who have several children and do just fine. Im not sure what our dropout rate was, but it's not like people flunk out out of no where constantly. Usually people know in the first or second semester whether or not they can handle the pace. I'm very happy with my choice. Bellarmine has a great reputation in the area, and I feel very prepared to enter the nursing field. I'm up for any questions!