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  1. BioNerd19

    Macbook Air or Macbook Pro for Nursing School?

    School website didnt format well for Mac? That's a load of BS. There are different web browsers you can download to your Macbook besides the stock Safari: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Most Windows users actually use Chrome anyways. Maybe your school had applications or programs that specifically needed the Windows operating system (OS) to work properly if that is the case then yes you definitely need a Windows laptop or you need to buy software to run Windows on your Macbook (headache) Ive had my Macbook Air since 2014 and it runs good as new, even the battery is great. Only bad thing is the screen is not 1080p but again this is a 4.5 year old computer so high definition screens werent the norm back then.
  2. BioNerd19

    ATI Fundamentals Exam

    again another example of unfair and STUPID ABSN programs screwing their students over why have assignments, quizzes, tests only to stop a student from passing bc the ATI exam is either P/F for the course or worth more than 10% of your final grade? Screw ATI if you get your grade you get your grade, people complain about how easy NP programs are i think the NP programs need to get more rigorous and the ABSN need to tone it down. Weeding people out after they already have a bachelors is beyond dumb esp since a lot of these students are failing a semester before graduation. "You passed 9 out of 12/14 months of our rigorous program? CONGRATS! Oh well you failed one of the last courses now go screw off take care, thanks for the cash!"
  3. BioNerd19

    Duke ABSN Spring 2019

    wish i had the $ to apply to Duke's ABSN but 90K for tuition only HURTS Good luck to you all
  4. BioNerd19

    Utica college absn reviews!!

    wtf is the deal with all these ASBN programs and failing people out? it reeks of money grabs similar to Caribbean medical schools Accept people who have good stats, set the bar SUPER high to pass, then weed out as many as possible while keeping their semester(s) tuition in your pocket And it's not just this ABSN program so many are raising the bar even higher to 80% pass, medical schools are bw 70-75%, like ***** PA schools are 75% So why are ABSN so high? Seems very shady and sorry also to hear about the discrimination, 2018 absolutely nuts that this post had to be even made
  5. Does anyone have anything to share about the Edinboro Nursing Program?
  6. BioNerd19

    Future Market Saturation

    University of Michigan School of Business pumps out 500-600+ graduates each year. That is an ENORMOUS amount of new grads, some without any valuable work experience. Even after graduating from such a high tier school (i believe its top 20), how easy would it be to secure a job one may wonder if you are graduating from a local or non-ranked MBA school Degrees mean nothing, I regret getting my Biology bachelors more than anything. The only jobs available are clinical research positions at 40-50k or I would have to go back to school to get become a BSN, OT, PT, Audiology, Speech Therapist, Radiation Tech, Respiratory therapist, or cardiac perfusionist. These jobs require 2 sometimes 4 years of MORE school and all top out at around 60 (minus RNs where you can take OT and do travel nursing to make more money) It's a sad state of affairs for sure
  7. BioNerd19

    Future Market Saturation

    Wow 75k that is seriously low, I thought the NPs in my area were taking low salaries from VA positions at 85-95k but i guess that's what saturation is doing screwing everyone over Are you in the Midwest? Big city? High Cost of living? It's a damn shame that people who try hard and attend quality NP programs are undercut by these for profit schools that are handing out NP degrees like candy. These online schools should have the same rep as an online MBA from a for profit school like Capella (not hating but you cant compare Capella to even a local MBA program let alone a top 100 MBA program in the USA) The salaries should reflect where you graduate from but i guess that isnt the case
  8. Hello, I really appreciate all your detailed responses regarding the program at Midamerica Nazarene but i have a question. You mention that some people are REALLY UNHAPPY. What would be the reasons for this? I can see driving 70 miles (probably more than an hour im assuming depending on the roads/highways in that state) could be a source of unhappiness but are there any other factors that you may think caused them to be unhappy. Maybe the fact that ATI exams are worth 10% of your grade?
  9. BioNerd19

    Caldwell College BSN

    Caldwell really is super expensive it's over 100k for the ABSN that's more than Penn State and Duke, crazy
  10. BioNerd19

    Just got into ABSN- how to prepare!

    What exactly is OASIS nursing? Tried Googling it and didnt come up with anything
  11. Man sorry to hear about your story hopefully you were able to get it resolved What school is SU?
  12. BioNerd19

    THREE year traditional BSN Programs

    Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today My response was neither caustic or antagonistic Did you take exception to the use of capitalization in my post? My last post contained three sentences: 1. Asking if there were any programs that were 3 years not 4. 2. Pointing out that 99.9% of all traditional programs are 4 year programs (even if the nursing program itself is 3 years) 3. Pointing out that most nursing programs do NOT (oops better not use caps again) allow you to shorten their traditional BSN from 4 years to 3 years even if you have a bachelors degree As for my username and you reporting me it was created with me thinking of going to medical school than switching career paths. I have no way of changing it so i guess report away! Seems like you are the one who read my comment, took it antagonistically and as a rude response, then proceeded to tell me that due to my attitude i "wont need to worry about nursing school because you wont be admitted" Again, not sure what was so hard to understand by my original post. There are 4 year traditional programs and 3 year programs (which you can count on your fingers). I was simply asking if others knew of such programs besides Wayne and Chamberlain. But thanks for your advice ill be sure not to use all CAPS in my interviews!
  13. BioNerd19

    Nursing School Requiring a 85% test average?

    Wow that is ridiculous When i first started reading allnurses i saw that some were complaining of passing averages between 73-77% now i as I am reading about more programs I see that many programs are 80-85%. I wonder why nursing schools have such high pass rates when other programs like PA, Pharm, and even medical school keep their passing scores around the 70-75% mark.
  14. BioNerd19

    THREE year traditional BSN Programs

    Nearly every single traditional BSN program in the US is a FOUR year program however there are certain programs like the ones mentioned in my above post that are only 3 years long. Four year programs usually do NOT allow students to transfer in credits especially with a bachelors degree instead sending them to apply for the accelerated or 2nd degree options. I was wondering if there were other universities like Wayne State that offered a 3 year program