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Hi all! Just wanted to see if there are any other BCTC applicants out there. I'm getting super anxious about hearing whether I got in or not, and didn't know if anyone else wanted to discuss our... Read More

  1. by   NurseRose84
    I'm starting to get super excited about this August...still have to get all of my supplies and do my background check, but I'll get those done this month!
  2. by   JBlack095
    Hey everyone .. I got accepted into the 2013 Fall nursing program at lawrenceburg campus. Have any of you completed the background check yet or any other stuff for enrollment? I wish I could buy my books now.. but they're not available at the bookstore yet. Did anyone set their clinical day for Friday? I set mine that day.
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  3. by   JBlack095
    I need to do my background check too.. I am excited as well! I wish I could buy my books right now.. but they're not available at the bookstore.. plus I don't know which book to get. I didn't see anything on blackboad yet for the class. Do you know where are clinicals will be held at?
  4. by   NurseRose84
    I got in to the Cooper location, and our book list is on the bookstore's website, not blackboard. My clinicals are on Wednesday, but I'm not sure where they are. I'd say since my classes are in Lexington, that the majority of them will be here.
  5. by   jrmcfa2
    WooHoo!!! Another Lawrenceburg student! I've done my background check. I still have to do the chickenpox titer and drug screen. I also am scheduled to do my CNA classes the first two weekends in August. I scheduled Saturday clinicals and have no idea where they will be, hopefully Georgetown.
  6. by   SarahXBeth
    Does anyone have their financial aid posted to your student account? I'm getting nervous, because nothing has been posted yet... and i'm pretty sure I had everything in on time.
  7. by   NurseRose84
    Quote from SarahXBeth
    Does anyone have their financial aid posted to your student account? I'm getting nervous, because nothing has been posted yet... and i'm pretty sure I had everything in on time.
    Mine posted on Monday, and my tuition bill posted yesterday. Yours should post soon. I called the financial aide office a couple of weeks ago and they were working on financial aide packages then. The only thing on mine that didn't post was my 6 credit hours that UK is paying for since I'm an employee.
  8. by   SarahXBeth
    Quick update- My tuition bill posted, and I spoke to financial aid today. Everything is in order... but they are still putting the financial packages together, and I was told they should be done and posted by the end of this month! So if you are like me, and still don't have financial aid on your student account... they are working on having everything in by the end of the month!
  9. by   NurseRose84
    Quick question guys...I read a couple of months ago someone had posted their vaccination records from their UK Employee health info...were all of them accepted? Certified background.com rejected my varicella, TB, and hepatitis B records. Stating that previous history of the chicken pox doesn't count, my TB test isn't valid even though it was done 4 months ago, and that My vaccinations do no have the exact dates of my hep b vaccines. Did anyone else working for UK have this problem?
    Also, how long did it take for your background checks to come back? I submitted mine Friday (7/5) and they still don't have anything on there except that I've ordered the background check. It's not even processing yet!
  10. by   jrmcfa2
    BCTC Lawrenceburg only offers Fall start nursing program.
  11. by   jrmcfa2
    Yes i work at UK and took all of mine except the Varicella. You have to get the titer for that one and UK will not do it. A couple of mine rejected at first (TB and Flu) and i simply resent and highlighted the dates and such. They were then marked as complete.
  12. by   havynsmom
    Getting extremely excited for school to start!! Does anyone know when we can get our books and charge to our financial aid account?
  13. by   NurseRose84
    Totes getting excited too! I've already ordered mine, but was told that I couldn't pick them up until August 12.

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