Anyone work at Pikeville Hospital?

  1. I am a nursing student in Detroit, Michigan currently, but have considered moving to the Pikeville area in the next few years. I was just wondering if there were any Pikeville RN's on this board. Thanks.
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  3. by   kee&kadesrn
    It looks to have been a very long time since you posted this question. However, if you are still interested in the Pikeville area, I do work as a RN at Pikeville Medical Center, and would be happy to answer any questions.
  4. by   Kamesenin
    hey I wanna know!! What's it like? =D What kind of patients do you usually see? Are there many chinldren there? what's the nurse to patient ratio? What's the Pay like? ??!?!?! hehehehe
  5. by   kee&kadesrn
    I think Pikeville Medical Center is the largest hospital in Pike County. I work in the ER. The hospital is very busy. I think like 98 patients were triaged yesterday for emergency services. Thats on day shift. 7am- 7pm. The ER has 15 rooms. I'm thinking the hospital has like 200-300 beds. Maybe. I'm really not sure how many beds the hospital has. It's 10 floors. Anyway, the hospital offers inpatient rehab, sports medicine, orthopedic services, pain management, lots of different specialties. They also have a top notch cancer center. The hospital is a good place to work. Just not enough staff. In the ER we staff each shift with 5 RN's. 1 charge nurse, 3 RN's to work the rooms, and 1 RN to solely triage pts. We also run an ER-2 which the not so sick pts go to, such as earaches, toothaches, colds and such. The RNs have 5 rooms to manage each day. We are assigned an section each morning, and those are our rooms for the day, each section has 1-2 trauma rooms, which we use for traumas. There's no limit to what types of pts. we get, such as chest pains, shortness of air, abd pain, to traumas. We get it all. The only thing we don't get is OB's. If they are a confirmed OB, they go straight to OB dept. I think the pay starts at about $19 hourly for new grads. I've been a RN for 6 years, and my pay is very comparable with everywhere else in KY. We get shift differential, and bedside pay on top of hourly pay. Answering your question about children, we get kids in too, but typically just the common abd pain, vomiting, fever, that sort of thing. However I have had several children who are cancer pts as well. They are typically not treated for their cancer at PMC, they usually are transferred to UK, where the most of them receive their treatment. Overall, it's a good place to work at. I've worked at several hospitals, and this is the best by far.
  6. by   TrueblueRN
    Do you know if they are currently hiring?

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