Any KY practicing ARNPs here??? Any KY practicing ARNPs here??? | allnurses

Any KY practicing ARNPs here???

  1. 0 I am looking for any KY ARNP on this forum (specifically in Louisville). I am currently finishing up my last specialty year for my MSN and will graduate in May 2010. We will 90% likely be moving to KY (Louisville) when I am finished. I have not the slightest idea where to begin making connections/contacts on successful transition (I am currently in Connecticut) and would like to hear from those currently practicing in this state and/or city. Any info/advice would be GREATLY appreciated

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    I'm not an ARNP, but I know tons of them. What specialty would you like to work in?
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    Quote from BBFRN
    I'm not an ARNP, but I know tons of them. What specialty would you like to work in?
    BBFRN, thanks for replying to my post! I was getting a lil discouraged. My specialty will be Adult and Geriatric primary care. I am hoping to connect with folks in the area that can share info that I may need and give me insight on what ARNP practice is like in KY. I know you said that you aren't an ARNP and that's quite alright! Even info on working as an RN in the state would help. I have not the slightest clue where I should be looking for work (even though this current economy makes it hard for anyone to be picky ) I just don't know how I should start networking at this point (graduation is in May, but I figured better early rather than later on getting the ball rolling...)

    Thanks so much in advance for any info you can provide
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    For a new NP, I would suggest the following:

    Norton Healthcare- specifically their Immediate Care Centers (ICCs). I just checked, and they need 5 ARNPs right now.

    U of L Healthcare needs a NP in their First Care emergency dept, but it's night shift PRN. They are always hiring for their clinics, though.

    The VA is always hiring NPs for their medical offices as well- and they sound like a great fit for you.

    There are other medical offices I can think of off the top of my head: Louisville Cardiology, Louisville Pulmonary Assoc., Louisville Medical Assoc.

    Careerbuilder is a website I have used in the past for job finding, and it's really helpful. You can set up a profile there, and recruiters will contact you with job offers.

    I hope this gets you started at least.
    There are 2 big NP schools here, so there tends to be a glut of NPs at times, so you are wise in starting your search early. Good luck to you!
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    BBFRN you are awesome! Thanks for all the info and suggestions! I am hoping that I can make some contacts w/some of the places you named. Since I will be a new grad I can only pray that I end up in a place that is supportive and encouraging of its newbies!

    Are these good places for RNs to work as well, since I may have to work in that capacity until I find something good
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    No problem.
    I would suggest any of them but Norton as a RN for now, only because they are having some contract issues with Anthem, and have cut back their nursing hours r/t empty beds. Otherwise, it's a great place to work, and the physician groups like to recruit NPs from the pool of bedside nurses they are familiar with there.