Any KY LPNs doing the Excelsior Lpn to Rn degree??

  1. Just wondered if any KY LPNs on here were doing the Lpn to Rn degree??? I'm taking my first exam on the 22nd, was hoping someone else around here was doing it as well maybe we could meet once a month and study or something!


    ps i'm in the Louisville/Ft. Knox area
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  3. by   Traceyjo
    My name is Tracey and I am doing the EC program. I have take two exams. Microbiology and Health Safety. I start Transitions on Monday. I also know of another nurse in my town that is doing it too. I have been hearing rumors that some places are not hiring EC nurses do to lack of clinical elements within their program. I hope that is not true. This is an expensive program to find out that you may not get hire because of this.What course are you taking now? Maybe we can stay in touch and prepare and go to CPNE around the same time.
    Good Luck on your exam
  4. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Hey I know this is an older post but I am curious about your results! Did you finish Excelsior? How was NCLEX and job search?? Considering this path myself and hope to hear from you!