any info on Jcc and this Hesi

  1. Just curious does anyone know anything about JCC in Louisville. I heard they require a Hesi test prior to graduating. Does all the schools have that. Anybody know
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  3. by   BBFRN
    Most ADN programs require the HESI these days. It helps to weed out potential NCLEX failers, and in effect, boosts the school's overall reported NCLEX pass rates.

    My opinion is, why worry about the HESI more than the NCLEX? You might as well have an idea of what will be on the NCLEX before you take it, and the HESI helps to provide that.
  4. by   somekitties
    I go the jcc in the ADN program. Yes students must pass the med/surg hesi to graduate. in addition, students take the other hesi specialty tests like psych, ob/mother/baby, and peds.

    Next year, i anticipate that jcc will require students in the last semester to purchase a hesi review class. this year they tried to add it on after the begining of the semester and it was not on the syllabus. after some protest by students, the adn administration reconsidered. student believed that this requirment was a breech of contract in that according to the syllabus, students performance was based on six tests. the admin could not require this hesi course according to the syllabus.

    Still, the instructors are trying to bully the students into taking a proprietary course (hesi live review).

    What is my tuition paying for anyway?