Any current students at Galen College?

  1. So the October session is getting ready to start and I was wondering if any current Galen students could tell me if they think the program is difficult, any study tips, any other type of heads up you can think of? The information would be really appreciated!!
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  3. by   lasdrs07
    Hi wishinguponastar! Congrats on getting accepted into the program! I am a current student at Galen. I am almost finished with my first quarter. I LOVE Galen!! It is such a great school and I have made so many great new friends. It is a very fast-paced program (if you are going to be in the day classes). I have to study a lot! The instructors give you power points and I suggest you read those. There is no homework during first quarter. It is just all studying! You will get the hang of it though after a couple of weeks. It goes by so fast too!! Good luck! If you have any other questions, just ask!