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Raised in Iowa for 8 years, moved out to Jersey to live with my wife. Had 2 kids born here before and after a deployment of mine. Gettin sick of expensive city life and want to go back to the midwest... Read More

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    Here is an example: I have 15 years RN experience, work full time community mental health and earned 37K last year. My son in law who manages a Dickey's BBQ earned over 40K.
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    Most hospitals don't really hire LPNs anymore so you're looking more at long-term care facilities. I work at one in small town Iowa and they start at $12.60/hr with no experience. Then you get a $1 more/hr for 2nd or 3rd shift. So it's a lot less salary but your cost of living is also way less.
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    did you read RN magazine's survey of saleries nationally? I don't make anywhere close to the national average. I am going to think seriously about moving.
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    Quote from Lylesmom
    I am a recent new of Nov. last year. I accepted a job at the U of I. They pay salary, then you get shift diff on top $3. for evenings, and $3.50 for nights, when you work a weekend you get $2. an hour, and if you work an extra shift you get $10. an hour. all on top of your base salary. My base salary is $47980. which equals out to $27.76 an hour, as a NEW RN. I'm sure your wife would make much more than that. Plus you get awesome benefits, like IPERS, which is state retirement. hope this helps!

    Just curious to know how is working for U of I now with the budget cuts and recent lay offs. I have friends who work there (grads from 2008) and they hate it because of these cuts. The hospital is not replacing nurses who have left and they're getting overloaded with patients. They are so desperate to leave their jobs but won't because they know with the economy the way it is, they won't be able to find another one right now. I also hear the starting pay is no longer the same as you had quoted before. Pay is lower and they don't even have any jobs for new grads right now and according to the nurse recruiter, there won't have any for a while. It's amazing what a year can do!
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    Healthcare costs in Iowa are lower than the national average. Plus the cost of living why you nurses are getting paid a lot less.
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    Where else is bread 99c and houses 1K/month
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    my wife and i (both lpn right now) are considering relocating to des moines within the near future. we just received out lvn license (or lpn) in texas, but intend to pursue rn asap, so our questions:

    1. what is the job market for rn/lpn like? is it hard to find a job with a new rn license?
    2. what opportunities are there for lpn to continue to rn (like an lpn-rn bridge program)?
    3. are there waiting lists for entrance to these programs?
    4. what is the typical starting salary for rns in des moines?
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    What kind of nursing jobs allow you to work for the state of Iowa? I live in Dubuque, but would be willing to work within a 45 minute driving radius...
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    Also - does anyone know current starting wages for LPN's and RN's in Dubuque?