U.S. healthcare system pinched by nursing shortage

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    U.S. healthcare system pinched by nursing shortage
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. healthcare system is pinched by a persistent nursing shortage that threatens the quality of patient care even as tens of thousands of people are turned away from nursing schools, according to experts.
    The shortage has drawn the attention of President Barack Obama. During a White House meeting on Thursday to promote his promised healthcare system overhaul, Obama expressed alarm over the notion that the United States might have to import trained foreign nurses because so many U.S. nursing jobs are unfilled.
    Democratic U.S. Representative Lois Capps, a former school nurse, said meaningful healthcare overhaul cannot occur without fixing the nursing shortage. "Nurses deliver healthcare," Capps said in a telephone interview.

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    More shortage myth bs- at least Obama is against importing nurses.
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    Do u really think the nursing shortage in the US is a myth?
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    I think there is a shortage of nurses unwilling to put up with treatment from management and if things improved in the workplace then there would be less nurses leaving the profession
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    there is a shortage of experienced nurses. that is what i heard here in the state i live in.
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    Finally...a president who is paying attention!
    I think it's great that he is "alarmed" by the idea of having to import foreigners to fill positions in the US healthcare system.
    Maybe some of the problems that have led to this so-called shortage--poor working conditions, low pay, etc.--will finally be addressed. He knows that focusing on training more nurses in the US makes sound economic sense. Hopefully he will stick to his beliefs.

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