Stepping Hill Deaths: Charges against nurse dropped


    Charges have been dropped against a nurse accused of contaminating saline at Stockport's Stepping Hill Hospital.
    Rebecca Leighton, 27, of Heaviley, was arrested by police investigating the deaths of several patients in July.
    Greater Manchester Police have revealed they are investigating 40 cases of contamination including seven deaths.
    Prosecutors said there had not been "sufficient evidence" for whether the case could go ahead. Miss Leighton said she had been "living in hell".

    A worrying outcome of this investigation, I've been watching with some interest and when they arrested this nurse it hit the headlines and I did wonder how she would manage if she was found to be innocent.

    I see the NMC suspended her for 18 months in August, and they have issued this statement

    The NMC is aware of the developments today in the case of Rebecca Leighton, and her release without criminal charge.
    The interim order suspending Ms Leighton from the NMC's register, which was imposed on 2 August 2011, will remain in place at present. We will continue to liaise with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust to carry out our own investigations, and establish whether further action needs to be taken.

    It will be interesting to see how this develops. I sincerely hope that catch whoever is responsible for this appalling act that harmed so many vulnerable people
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Raises some questions. Have there been more deaths whilst she's been suspended? If yes, why haven't they been reported?
  4. by   ZippyGBR
    Quote from Fiona59
    Raises some questions. Have there been more deaths whilst she's been suspended? If yes, why haven't they been reported?
    correlation does not imply causation

    the case was shaky from the start IMO hence the original charges , there's no 'smoking syringe' like Allitt, Norris or Geen
  5. by   Fiona59
    No, but it does raise questions.
  6. by   ayla2004
    Saw this at work. If this lady is innocent she still never work as a nurse again she as she is unlikely to be employed. And if she is.innocent who was guilty of tampering with saline.
  7. by   MaryAnn_RN
    NMC update: Interim Conditions Of Practice.
  8. by   XB9S
    Thanks Mary for the.update. interesting read
    “The panel considered that although the charges against Ms Leighton of criminal damage intending to endanger life had been discontinued, there is still compelling evidence related to the theft of medication from Stepping Hill hospital. Regardless of the other circumstances of the case, the theft of medication is a matter of serious professional misconduct that demands full investigation. We support the panel’s conclusion that a continuing interim order is necessary in this case.”
  9. by   MaryAnn_RN
    It's interesting that her conditions of practice only allow her to work at Stepping Hill. How on earth is she going to be able to do that?
  10. by   JDZ344
    Even if the hospital allows her back to work, and she actually wants to go back, do you think patients and especially relatives are going to allow her to nurse them?

    Interesting development: